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Too Cocky


By alena


Yes – thats what I was – too cocky.

I havent been well enough to garden for a few years so this year I thought I would try using any decent sized container I could find including old Dolly Tubs – old Tumble and Washer Drums – Plastic Tanks and Cisterns – Large Plant Pots – Belfast Sinks ect: ect:
My mum kept reminding me to make sure there was plenty of drainage but I said – " Oh they’ll be fine – they’ll be fine ( NOT )

After an initial hot spell earlier in the summer (which was useful for my much loved, successful homemade Solar Oven experiments) I decided to pop my tomatoes outside in a sunny spot but on their very first night out, the temperature dropped drastically and it was almost ‘adios’ to my poor plants.
I brought them back in the warmth of the house.
Couldn’t afford a Greenhouse.
I had already used last years minature greenhouse for my first Solar Oven experiments and now it’s seen better days.

As if I hadn’t put my Toms thorugh enough I then went too far with the ’ pricking out ’ and put my poor plants through an unforgivable ordeal.

Then when they eventually got on the mend, my cabbages – broccoli and nasturtians encountered a massive onslaught of some hungry bug or worm.

Even my Pepper plant which lives indoors and my once flourishing Rocket plant have been absolutely snided with bright green caterpillars.

I have tried spraying with soapy solutions – placing garlic bulbs near each plant and removing the herbevoures by hand but today was like they were all doing peekaboo and going ner ner ner-ner ner while sticking their tounges out at me.

Cheeky little green bleep bleeps.

So my plants have been flooded, stripped, eaten alive and exposed to the cold and more.

I have however, enjoyed my first ever beautiful strawberries, onions, red spuds, parsley, mint, carrots, garlic, radishes etc:
The peas and pumpkin are almost ready.
The rhubarb is new and young but minascule compared to the giants that grew next to my overflowing drain years ago – leaves as big as umbrellas.

I have ONE apple on my very first tree and my grape-vine would prefer to live in Cyprus.
I only said that because ’ I DID ’ live on that GORGEOUS, SUNSOAKED ISLAND and if I were a grape-vine I would NOT NOT NOT want to live in the very wet and can’t make it’s mind up UK !

WHEN I am better (medical negligence case) I will use my Compensation to RETURN to my fave Island and grow EVERYTHING under the sun (literally) then I will cook my produce in my ’ then even more successful ’ Sun powered Homemade Solar Oven – ( the brighter the sun, the hotter the oven )

In the meantime – before I get too carried away with my fantasy – can anyone please advise me how to rid my garden and plants of bright green caterpillars and slugs and any other destructive force (apart from myself)

Pics will be included soon.

Thank You



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If you get an answer to this query please pass it on,enjoyed reading this blog and pleased you were succsessful with some of your fruit and veg..........

28 Jul, 2009


Oh Alena. I really enjoyed that blog. :o)
Welcome to GoY

28 Jul, 2009


you are funny
you talk about your plants like I do, as your babies

x x x

28 Jul, 2009


Try salt onthe slugs, then have some lovely ladybirds sent over from Cyprus to feast on your green
and they say grow marigolds inbetween cabbages to ward evil bugs off..xx

28 Jul, 2009


the only solution for the caterpillars is to go out armed with a pair of scissors and inspect every leaf , and cut in half every little green pest you find.and check every day as they are hard to spot on a green leaf!!

29 Jul, 2009

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