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Slow GoY


By ajay


Sorry to all of you experiencing a slow Grows on You :(

I am looking in to it now.

Update 1: For all our late night visitors in the UK and late evening visitors form USA/Canada we are going to reboot the server later on today/tomorrow so don’t panic if you can’t get your fix for a short while.

Update 2: Well, it seems to be sorted. Let me know if you are still having any problems where you are. (will still be going ahead with the reboot)

Update 3: I rebooted at 5am GMT. That should be me done now. Please do let me know if things are still slow for you.

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HI Ajay, Thanks for the heads up on the reboot. The site hasn't been running slow for me. I'm thinking maybe I should install a seat belt on my computer chair ? Might be faster than the speed of sound after the reboot :)

10 Mar, 2008


R so theres a problem then?Iv been having loads of trouble my end Ajay?When i click on Memembers2see pic`s& Messages2? So i just closed off this morning&last night cos i thought it was ME:) loll Well i trust you Ajay 2fix it :D

10 Mar, 2008


hi Ajay, i found it very slow yesterday, when trying to download pic's i kept getting screen freeze - to be honest thought it was my rubish computer playing up again! lol oh well at least i know i don't have to call out Sonny (my PC guy) to come fix it! lol

11 Mar, 2008


Hi Ajay, many thanks for this. Like Majeekahead, I had blamed my lap-top which needs an overhaul itself. No doubt my limited 'puter skills account for most difficulties experienced at this end! lol

11 Mar, 2008


Thanks Ajay - that explains a lot! I kept running out to the kitchen and cooking a bit then coming back to the laptop and pics still hadn't downloaded - couldn't understand what was wrong. Now I know!

11 Mar, 2008

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