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New wishlist feature


By ajay


Hello all,

I hope you’re all well and enjoying the fine spring weather we’ve been having. As usual, we’re busy behind the scenes and the latest new addition is a personal Wishlist to keep a track of the things you’d like for your garden.

You can see your Wishlist using the link in the top right of the screen, and you can add things to it from the garden centre pages.

We hope the wishlist will help you…

- Compare and choose products from the Grows on You Garden Centre
- Remember which plants and equipment you want
- Print a shopping list to take to your local garden centre or nursery

Thanks to eveyone who shops via the Garden Centre (though there is no obligation). We make a commission on each sale and that keeps this website going.

We are already comparing over 30,000 plants and products from over 25 different websites but if there is anything we can do to help make the Garden Centre tab more useful then please let us know.

We’re also thinking about letting regular GoY members who have a small business or currently sell via ebay to list their products (this is some way off, but do let me know if you want to be a guinea pig).

Happy Gardening and Wishlisting


PS. Sorry to all our non-UK members but at the moment we’re only testing the Garden Centre and Wishlist with UK websites

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Hi Ajay iv always wondered where members Put their Wish List Plants ect so this has now got me Wishing even more cos i know where it is now lol :D Keep up the fab Job Your both doing Jacx

12 May, 2009


Hi Ajay - what a great idea. Thanks. I think I'll be using it quite a bit.

I don't like the dull grey background colour to messages though. The words don't stand out very well and it's often difficult to read them. The same with blogs :o( The green was much better for me.

12 May, 2009


Thanks to you both, my own personal wish list is a mile long,

12 May, 2009


thats great my wishlist are paper all round the house

cheers guys

x x x

12 May, 2009


Oh heck my wishlist is going to go skyhigh I just know it,thankyou both of you ,lol...........

12 May, 2009


Hi Ajay, thanks for the Wish List option - that will be great. I would like to support the website as much as possible. Please can you explain how to shop via "The Garden Centre" as I do buy online frequently - I've clicked on Shopping at the bottom of the screen but not sure which way to go. Many thanks, Dawn

12 May, 2009


i like the small buisness idea Ajay. i'm up for being a guinea pig.....;-))

12 May, 2009


Great idea Ajay. I don't mind if the garden centers are all in the UK.....I can still make a list of the plants and equipment I would like and print it off. I'm just sorry that it means that I won't be able to support the site by buying plants online through GOY.

13 May, 2009


Thanks all.

Dawn, if you click on the Garden Centre tab (or the shopping link at the bottom) you will see a list of categories e.g. Seeds and Bulbs. If you click on one of these you will see a list of things for sale from a bunch of different websites. If you click on a "Buy Now" button next to a plant or product we will take you to the appropriate section of the website where it is for sale.

13 May, 2009


Ajay, I've taken a look and I now understand how it works, thank you

13 May, 2009


thats another great feature, mine will be full before i know it LOL

15 May, 2009


Excellent idea. Thanks for that. :o)

Mine won't be long to get something in it either, lol.

16 May, 2009


Brilliant addition, guys! This'll save me having to add webpages to my "favourites" on my pc, or writing lists which get lost. :-)

17 May, 2009


hi guys, i'm new here just wanted to say hi and try to find out what i'm doing, and where i'm doing it. i have some questions about id of a plant, tree and just to learn from everyone.i live in indiana and have done gathered my seeds for the winter and trying to give them away so everyone else can enjoy the beauty of flowers. mispie

26 Oct, 2009

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