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New email notifications feature


By ajay


We quietly slipped in a new feature last week. You can now tick a little box in your profile that tells Grows on You to send you an email whenever one of your photographs receives a comment or your questions get answered.

1) Log in to Grows on You
2) Click on “update profile” at the top left
3) Make sure you have put in a valid email address
4) Tick the little boxes to select the notifications you want to receive
5) Click on Submit

We hope this will be a useful feature as we realised comments placed on photograhs weren’t the easiest to spot.

Don’t think we are slacking… we have several more features you requested in the pipeline. We are currently working on the Gardening Group area functionality. So if you are part of a gardening group or club in the real world please let us know what you would like to see here on Grows on You.


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I wish I could find the other members. So far all I can find are 6 for the ngs and 1 each for the other groups

1 Apr, 2007


Hi Edwina. We are getting good feedback from groups and we hope many more join soon and get their members to join too. With regard to the NGS, only some of the county organisers have been told about If you can help us spread the word within your county/group we would appreciate it.

There is another way to look for other members - that is using the search feature found at the top right of every page. We think the search is one of our best features but is not being used much. Give it a try :)

2 Apr, 2007


Sometimes I have trouble recalling the members GOY name so I can't use the search feature. Is there an alphabetical list of members that I can access too? I reason that as I scroll down the list I will recognize it. Example, for several weeks I had trouble recalling Noseypotter's name until someone recently mentioned it.

23 Apr, 2017

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