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Garden colour inspiration - New Feature


By ajay


Hello all,

We sort of hinted this was coming when Majeekahead asked for colour search a few days ago… we have just put up a new feature called Garden Colour Inpiration

With the growing set of gardening photos on GoY we thought searching through them by colour would be a fantastic tool. We hope you agree? Maybe you are planning a new border and wanted a few ideas? or Maybe you just fancied something orange in you garden? :) Once you have found something, why not see what else that member is growing in their garden?

So how does this work? Every day our little spider scans through the photos uploaded the previous day and determines the colours in each photo and makes them available to the search. Visitors to Garden Colour Inpiration can then pick a colour from the slider and see up to an initial 12 matching results. Clicking on any of the results will bring up a slideshow allowing you to browse through all the pictures matching that colour.

The quality of the results will get better the more photos we get. So, don’t be shy about uploading your photos :)

As always we would love to hear what you think.

Happy gardening.

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It's brilliant! Well done team - what an innovation!
Simple to use and clear results. Thank you

16 Jan, 2008


Fantastic - this is much better than the idea i had - really easy to use! you two really are little diamonds arn't you - another pat on the back from me! - i have another little idea for you (yes this woman keeps them coming) - not that i'm not already completely satisfied with the site - because i am! but how about, a system where we could compair some of out photos? you know like you can do on ebay when deciding to buy, i thought this might be a good idea as you can look at 2 or 3 photos together so that you can easierly see the progress you are making in your projects. or you can compair certain parts of the garden at different times of year so that you can easierly see what you may need to change. - what do you think on that one? - and if you say you are already doing it i really am going to think that you are witches! lol

16 Jan, 2008


I have just tried this out and think it's great! Another bit of magic from you guys. Also, the colour spectrum box really compliments my Oz homepage, lol. Thank you very much!

16 Jan, 2008


Well, Ajay, compliments to the team - why didn't you do this for when I was planning my new Nice being a techie, you must be pleased with the results and the good reponses you get to your improvements!

16 Jan, 2008


Whata fantastic idea! Will definately put this to good use. Well done.

16 Jan, 2008


Love the idea ajay.
One thing I would ask people using it to think about is, what conditions do plants need? For example, if you want something with a glaucous blue leaf, a hosta would be ideal in a damp spot but something like a grass may be better in a dry and sunny position.
But it's a great idea for getting inspirations and hints.
Well done.

16 Jan, 2008

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