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By ajay


Hi all,

Facebook announced a new feature called Pages yesterday so I had a look. The long and short of it… Grows on You now has a page on Facebook to go along with its already successful application. What does the page do? Well it allows you to say you are a “Fan” of Grows on You. At the moment only Peter and I have said we are fans :(

So, if you are on Facebook, and want to say you are a fan of Grows on You head over to the Grows on You Facebook Page and click the “Add product” link in the top right.

Happy facebooking/gardening.


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Cool! I am your fan no. 4 :) By the way, facebook app is looking better and better

8 Nov, 2007


Hallo Ajay - I have tried via the link above, I have been through the joining bit and I can't find the 'Add product' link. It says 'product' but it isn't a link. What am I doing wrong?????

8 Nov, 2007


hmm... looks like you have to be logged in to Facebook first. So once you have logged into your facebook account try following the link again.

8 Nov, 2007


My problem is that I went into Facebook blind, having never even heard of it before you added the blue link button. So I don't even know HOW to log in - there's not a lot on my account, either, 'cos I can't drive it - let alone find a link. Sorry to be so useless.

8 Nov, 2007


I have just joined facebook, but the page on my computer must be different to the one on yours because there is no "add product" to click on in the top right of the page.

9 Nov, 2007


Hi Spritz and Mark (and anyone else trying this out). Thanks so much for your support :o)

Firstly, we'd like to say please don't feel obliged to join Facebook on our account - it can be confusing and we don't want to impose on you (it puzzled me too).

If you do want to join Facebook and become a fan, here are the steps to follow...
1) Join Facebook and login (to Facebook)
2) Come back to this page
3) Click on the "Grows on You facebook page" link above

Facebook should remember you and show you the page to add the product.

Again, please don't feel obliged to do this but if you do, those instructions should help.


9 Nov, 2007


So sorry Ajay and Peter - I can't get to grips with Facebook at all. I tried and tried to find the 'add product' button, with no success. To be honest - I do not want to spend any more time on it! So I have disconnected myself from the site. Another techie failure :-(

9 Nov, 2007


Well, Peter, You must have been writing your message while I was! You just beat me to it...Might try again sometime.

9 Nov, 2007


Hi ive got GOY added to my Facebook as well , not so sure about the "Fan " bit but its there on my page , im more into Bebo , any plans for that ?

11 Nov, 2007


Hi, not sure what facebook is all about, I think one of my daughter s has mentioned it before. I'm a bit afraid of new things on the internet incase I do things I shouldn't.

11 Nov, 2007


Weemamabell - we have our eye on bebo ;)
Holly - don't worry, we don't expect any GoY members to sign up to facebook and only provided the link for those already on facebook.

12 Nov, 2007


I love facebook. I play the games constantly, esp now in the winter time.
I'm Shaylaina Dovelet if anyone would like to add me. I post flower pics all the time.

20 Feb, 2011

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