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Possum Magic


By Wolf


Since we have moved here we have had almost every night without fail had some horrendous clamoring about on our roof – usually starts at about eight o’clock. The first night it rather startled us as no-one had warned us that there were possums living in one of the sheds out the back. They seem to be having a play and stretching their little legs after been asleep all day as they were rather boisterous. So our curiosity got the better of us and we have been trying to get a good glimpse of them ever since. From what we’ve seen there appears to be three possums – a mother, her baby and her mate. Last night as I went out to get some wood for the fire I felt like I was being watched. Sure enough this little cheeky fellow was under the verandah watching me.

I think he may have actually wanted some food to be honest, however you often read that it’s not good to feed native animals because they become too dependent on humans. So they will have to make do with nicking left over birdseed from the bird feeder.

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Yes, you shouldn't feed any wildlife. Actually it is even wrong to feed the birds. I know for a fact in WA you'll get a fine of $10.000.00 when you do so. But despite it all I always fed my magpies. But possums? No, because the food we give can actually harm them, but secondly you are in doing so disturbing the balance of nature. They have to hunt what they have to hunt, or else those species will have no natural enemies. And so there is a circle of life, wildlife in fact. But in the cities they've become scavengers and adapted to left out dog or catfood, scraps from the compost heap etc. I have a friend who lived near Kings Park in Perth and she complained bitterly about the possums. After dark they'd move and must have been sleeping under the eaves of the roof or in a tree, as they suddenly just dropped themselves onto her pergola roof and so on into the garden. Each night, like yours they made a racket. But the worse thing was, they'd bombed in her flowerbeds adjacent to the veranda, and also urinated there, which smell badly. They are better in the bush themselves and of course came from Kings Park in the first place. For people who don't know: Kings Park is in the middle of Perth on a hill and encompasses a huge area with natural bush, tracks and one road going through it, paths and bicycle paths run through it. It has a botanical garden you just walk through automatically.

24 Jul, 2008


A friend of mine had a squirrel in her roof last year. It was collecting nuts and taking them to store in her attick for the winter. She had the hole where it entred blocked one day when it was out so it went to live somewhere else.
I think you're lucky the Possums live in the shed. I don't know how big they are but I wouldn't want them in the house.

24 Jul, 2008


Yes if he lived in the house it would be too much. The bird feeders mostly feed the introduced species - sparrows lol. We put one in when we put in the bird bath to try and get them interested in our yard. So now we have little sparrows in everyday for some birdseed and the little honey eaters in to have a bath. Every couple of days the bronze-wing pigeons come in to boss the other birds around.

24 Jul, 2008

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