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Pieris growing zones?


Have a friend in the UK, recommended I try growing this lovely plant on my SW facing terrace. The fellow at the garden centre tells me the soil isn’t acidic enough for this plant, or it should be grown underneath a pine tree. Btw, I am apparently living in the B5 zone, on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

Any comments? Thank you.

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This plant has same growing requirements as Rhododendron and Azalea any growing near you.? In UK we use specialist ericaceous compost ie lime / chalk free . If you literally on north shore of Lake Ontario then soil light sandy? Can see why staff said under pine tree as they like acidic soil but very dry .This plant enjoys rich moisture retaining soil.Sorry forgot to welcome you to goy.

10 May, 2008


Thanks very much, for your comments. Since speaking to my friend in Yorkshire UK, she seemed to think it's worth a try, then I told her about our -20 degrees in the Winter here. Not sure it would survive on my terrace..any comments appreciated.

10 May, 2008


If you get right soil conditions in your pot then should be Ok as originally native plants in Japan ( japonica) where they get cold I m in Yorkshire too so may be you need other advice from elsewhere !

10 May, 2008


When the leaves turn red in spring, late frosts burn them off.They do recover though.

10 May, 2008

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