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Carrot root fly


By Treeman


Hi, I am at my wits end with the carrot root fly. We have tried physical barriers such as fleece and low vertical screens, and we have tried Flyaway as a seed variety..all to no avail. We are now not going to grow carrots outside for three years in an attempt to let the fly forget that there may be carrots available. We will probably try carrots in the polytunnel and hope that the fly will not look in there.
The point of this blog…can anyone offer any advice or suggest something new to allow me to once again grow carrots. Thank you in anticipation. Treeman

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Is this the Carrot Rust Fly? the only other strategy that you did not mention is delaying planting time. Along with the row covers etc. I sympathise.

23 Mar, 2008


Delaying sowing/planting is good advice. Barriers such as fleece should work, however. Most people realise that the barrier should be a minimum of 2 feet high, but they sometimes forget that it should also be buried below soil level along its lower edge - this may require weighing down also. Companion planting with onions (as mentioned elsewhere on GOY) is thought to be a good deterrent. Otherwise, all I can suggest is sourcing and growing a modern, fly-resistant variety, although I'd still take precautions.

23 Mar, 2008


According to most gardeners carrot fly suffer from vertigo and do not like flying over 21 inches. I have planted mine in hession type bags attached to a trells over 4ft high. I have sown them quite thinly as thinning out the shoots can attract the fly. I haven't tried this before but have heard of many success stories of carrots grown in containers placed over 21 inches. I'll let you know how it goes. For people that grow them at ground level I totally agree with David. Complementary planting of pungent plants will detract from the smell of the carrots. Artemesia, tansy, onions, garlic, lemon balm planted along side the drills may help, but sow thinner than usual to avoid the need to prick out as this is the tikme when the carrot fly attack your crops.

24 Mar, 2008


egrow agrees with what has been said already. Sowing in a barrel or container 21 inches above ground level. Also sow later perhaps June. Carrots will do well planted with leeks, lettuce. onions, peas and tomatoes. They will not do well with dill, parsnip, chives,sage, rosemary and radish.Hope this helps.

24 Mar, 2008


Thanks everyone. We have tried companion planting without success so I'm going to try the deferred sowing.

24 Mar, 2008


i planted mine in a container with the soil about four inches from the top and never thinned them alothough i did get some really small carrots on the whole there were many that did really well, but no matter what size you can eat them.

my mum is amazed as she and my auntie have tried for years and the carrot fly got them every time. in tend not to prick anything out and just leave it all alone.

good luck

21 Sep, 2009


Thanks fot that. I'll give it a go next season.

21 Sep, 2009

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