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Sweet peas, Loo Rolls and Hot Chillies!


BRRrrrr What a bleak, freezing day it is here on the Fens in Norfolk and sooo glad I am now indoors all cosy with a cup of cha and Smeagols at my feet.

I’ve just sown some sweetpeas (in loo rolls) and Chilles (in saved plastic supermarket packaging that contained tomatoes and stir fry veg). The Chillies are now on my kitchen windowsill where the temperature is warm enough for them to germinate and the Sweetpeas are in our conservatory which has the right temperature they need.

As well as a chuckie addict I am a BIG chillie fan and grow different varieties each year. I now look forward to the excitement of those tiny bursts of heat to rise from the dark underworld and grow into healthy gastromic volcanoes ready for my pan! I love em with a passion and will take photos of them in their full glory later on in the year.

The sweet peas were free seeds from the gardening magazine I have been subscribing to for past 3 years (Amateur Gardening) and recommend it to anyone. AG is my bible and guru (amongst books I read) and believe it or not every flower Ive grown in my garden has been free, nope, thats right, I Ive not bought one flower plant, ever. Which flowers? you may ask, AG has saved me heaps of money, how much would all these cost I wonder if bought from a garden centre? Cosmos, Rudbeckias, Hollyhocks, Foxgloves, forget-me-nots, wall flowers, violas, pansies, Love in a mist, poppies and the list goes on! each packet of seeds I get free every week is worth at least £1.40, the sweetpeas Ive sown are worth £2.49! All my spring and summer bulbs have also been freebies from AG where only p&p is paid so for Daffs, tulips, Lillies, Irisis (and more) Ive only paid £2.45 p&p Im now waiting for some free snowdrops in the green to be delivered. I always have surplus as I get over enthusiastic but nothing goes to waste as friends and family always benefit and I sell some out the front real cheap, passers by’s are always up for a bargain, who isnt.

My 21 year old daughter is a student and shes just moved into rented accommadation in Cambridge which has a tiny garden, so guess who will be helping herself to my garden delights this year!

I am now planning which veg seeds to buy this year for my raised borders and look forward to my new 14ft green house being erected which my husband bought me for christmas, that will be another blog……

Enjoy x

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Great to read of all your bargains.
Well done !
I hope your daughter enjoys Cambridge. :o)

1 Feb, 2009


Wow, you sure do get the deals! Hope your daughter likes Univ. I have 2 in now, both living here still and sometimes this place can be a riot! Luck to her and you with the gardens!

1 Feb, 2009


Fantastic progress in 2 years, keep it up. Chicken fertiliser is great for the lawn.

1 Feb, 2009


Good idea to set up a stall to sell passers by are delighted ! Cold and snowing here today.The birds have been in garden all day stocking up !

1 Feb, 2009


thanks everyone. I'm surprised we have any lawn left Ams with the amount of running around chicken fertilizer we have :-) as for the bargains, cant wait for next weeks Amateur Gardening mag for more free seeds :-)

1 Feb, 2009


Nice blog. I too have many plants in my garden which were grown from free seeds with Amateur Gardening. I used to subscribe but just get it occassionally now.

2 Feb, 2009


Nice one Paul. For me its always exciting receiving it in the poste every Saturday morning and having a new present of seeds.

2 Feb, 2009


Thanks to your blog I've subscribed and I totally agree with you. I bought a few issues at first and then realised how much you save when you subscribe, plus you're guaranteed to get the freebies too!
There are so many tips that I've already picked up and the seeds are amazing, an absolute bonus. Thank you for recommending it!

25 Mar, 2009


Glad you like it Reebeesfleurs it's my bible :-)

27 Mar, 2009

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