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Planted helleborus seeds...


By TasteyG


My helleborus is going to seed after a long flowering period. I collected some seeds and planted them near the azaleas in a shady spot. I hear they take a long time to sow, like 18 mos… we’ll see :)

The one that I planted under the azalea sprouted about a month ago and then a snail ate it! This one was self-starter…under the mother plant :)

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They sure will be worth the wait. Beautiful flower.

25 May, 2008


They do tend to take a long time to germinate but it's well worth the wait.

25 May, 2008


I also have some helleborus seed but not being an expert propagator am clueless as to what to do with them! Have you just stuck them in the ground with hope?

25 May, 2008


Yes, Green goddess. I was instructed to plant them near the azeleas in a shady spot.

25 May, 2008


One came up under the azaleas about a month ago and then a snail ate it!!! I just posted a picture of one that grew all on its under the mother plant. Wow! It only took 9 months as compared to the 18 that I thought it would take. Not sure if I should lift them and transplant or just leave them be...

7 Mar, 2009

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