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It's Fall! (I think)


By Raquel


Last weekend was gray and cool and wet….an unusual (for Houston) light drizzle fell all day, and the wind was brisk. I was thrilled! So happy I took a good long walk just to feel the cold nipping at my face…I am hoping that the heat and humidity has finally broken and that we will have more bearable weather from now on…the humans, the pets AND the plants will be grateful! Here are some plants I saw on my walk…first these pine trees as I entered Memorial Park:

And a squirrel very busy eating nuts:

And a black bird – maybe a grackle? hunting either for seeds or worms…there were tons of them on the grass (birds not worms – couldn’t see the worms!) or maybe they were drinking the water that had flooded the grass:

After walking for about an hour, I headed to Gelato Blu for some “fruita di bosco” [Forest fruit] gelato, a blend of different berries:

Walking around and heading home, I saw these gorgeous flowers – have no idea what the name is but I would love to have some:

When I saw these I thought “NO fair! My caladiums died and these look gorgeous!” And then I took a pic:

I also came across a scarecrow with pumpkins:

I realize people don’t like gray days because they’re not that appealing, but for me they have somthing of a magical quality to them – especially if it’s drizzling – because colors seem to pop next to the grayness…in northern climates it would be the changing leaves, the reds and yellows and scarlets….in Houston the leaves don’t change color, but the flowers do pop against the gray as you can see here:

Even a darker plant, like this green/gray agave? or aloe vera? don’t know..anyway, it was beautiful, and it also seemed brighter in the grayness:

And how are my plants, you ask? The walk did get me to focus on them once I got home, even though I was depressed so many had died…but i was very pleased to see that a pink polka dot plant was growing in-between the scented-leaved geraniums, and that the red inpatiens has tiny flower buds!:

So here I am…the cool spell came and went, it did get hot and muggy again, but today it’s quite beautiful, with a cooling breeze, so I plan to go to Wabash and take a look at the plants…just to see what they have, you understand…not to buy…(wink wink)..ahem! we’ll see what happens once I come back – and what comes back with me!

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I dislike humidity most of all very draining its sad when plants die but who needs an excuse to aquire more enjoy your new plants!

18 Oct, 2009


Interesting blog, Raquel.....
... looks like a Grackle, doesn't it....
blue tints to the feathers in the neck areas...
fascinating photos. :o)

18 Oct, 2009


Nice blog loved the scarecrow and the caladiums.

18 Oct, 2009


nice walk raquel lovely plants, maybe you should have pinched a cutting from those lovely flowers, you may have got a free plant if it rooted,

18 Oct, 2009


Thanks Raquel its always good to see someone elses take on weather, here in Manchester, England we have a lot of grey days especially in the winter months, we look forward to the hot and sultry days of summer.

18 Oct, 2009


thanks rachel I really like the scarecrow

19 Oct, 2009


I hope you bought lots of plants Raquel :o)

19 Oct, 2009


Those pink & red flowers you like before the caladiums might be the annual Globe Amaranth or Gomphrena. Next walk, see if you can get some seed in any case.

20 Oct, 2009


Thanks everyone for your comments!

Hywel, I bought six!! A lavender mum, a lavender petunia, a purple (but looks deep pink to me) double wave petunia, a red dianthus, a red gerbera daisy and a very tiny lavender rose....Mmmm...for some reason I keep choosing lavenders, reds and pinks this season! lol

Thanks Orgratis, I will try and do that...snatch them when the oweners aren't looking! lol

1 Nov, 2009

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