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Many thanks!


By Raquel


Thank you so much to everyone who wrote and commented on my previous blog, I really appreciate all of your encouragement and anecdotes, you’re all so friendly and in love with plants!

This is definitely the site for me. I actually found the site on facebook, so I’m glad I added the application. =)

I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to look at the photes you all (or as we say in Texas, y’all) have but I definitely plan to do it soon.

I will take to heart your warnings about the chihuahuas, it had never occurred to me that this might happen, I think living on the third floor minimizes the risk, but you never know! lol The cats do wander around, but so far none of them has taken a liking to my plants (that I know of!)

Other people have also asked me if I worry that my flowers will get stolen…or the fruit eaten…and actually, no, I never do…it’s never happened…so either my neighbors are incredibly respectful of my space or their indifference to flowers just goes that deep!!… Then again, you never know, if the strawberries actually give me fruit they might be tempted to steal a strawberry or two…=)

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And many thanks for posting the great, colourful pics. With reference to your next blog, which I just read, and found very interesting, will you need to consider your 3rd-floor altitude (for things like wind damage) when choosing your plants?

15 Mar, 2008


Raquel, I'm looking forward to seeing photos of how your garden area progresses.

16 Mar, 2008

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