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Happy Thanksgiving!


By Raquel


Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so I hope all of you in the States have a happy and healthy holiday with your family and friends!

Thanksgiving is one holiday that my family adopted because my parents liked the idea of giving thanks for what we had. I imagine having young children who came home from school with tales of pilgrims and native americans and turkeys and pumpkin pie and who probably demanded to have Thanksgiving had its effect as well… =)
But I have to say that my parents were always very adaptable; like the time I came home saying that we HAD to have blueberry pancakes, and my mother indulged me (previously we always had them plain).

Because there is no equivalent for Thanksgiving in El Salvador, we just adopted the American menu – the turkey (but with more hispanic spices) the green beans, the pumpkin pie…we did reject the sweet potatoes with marshmallows though, because no one could imagine eating such a combination of flavors (and to this day I don’t like them).

It surprises me that people in Houston question whether I celebrate Thanksgiving or not – my reaction is why wouldn’t I celebrate Thanksgiving! And why on earth wouldn’t I have turkey! But then I realized it must be difficult for people to figure out and even I forget that I’ve lived in the States for 27 years more or less, and most of those in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a state tremendously proud of its colonial history and of having produced more presidents than any other state! =) There was, I think, little chance that we wouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. IF we’re in the States, that is. Now that my parents are back in El Salvador, no, they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But they remember it and call me to wish me a happy Thanksgiving. lol I imagine that to anyone looking from the outside in it must seem terribly confusing – but such is life in an ever smaller and interconnected world!

So anyway, wishing you all the best on this most American of holidays!

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Happy Thanksgiving and I hope the Turkey is good... sounds great with hispanic spices!
Can't believe you don't like sweet potato, but perhaps not a good combi with marshmallow! I love it mashed with squash or pumpkin.

26 Nov, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving Raquel!
Hope you have a grand day!
It did not take long for my new English husband to be introduced to an American Thanksgiving, our wedding was on the day before Thanksgiving in 1976, and the next day he discovered Pumpkin pie.
We don't always have the traditional turkey meal(this year it's going to be Leg of Lamb), but he always insists on pumpkin pie!
Sweet potato souffle was a tradition in my family but it never had marshmallows, I can't like that combo either.

27 Nov, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to you all across the pond! It's just a normal Thursday here - but we can think of you all and send you greetings!

27 Nov, 2008


Yes happy thanksgiving to all of you, hope you all had a nice day.

27 Nov, 2008


Hi Sal: thank you! I've never liked sweet potato (I like squash though, yellow squash and butternut squash) don't know why really, my mother does like it roasted though.

Thanks Wohlibuli and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Well the same thing happened to us we just fell in love with pumpkin pie, it is my favorite and in fact am baking one mother will sometimes ask me to bring a can of pumpkin to ES when I go home for Christmas so I can make one for her because she misses the pumpkin pie...! =)

Thanks for the good wishes, Spritzhenry and Clarice!

27 Nov, 2008


Thanks for the good wishes! Funny how people have different tastes. Pumpkin pie has never been my favorite, actually my fav is an classic English Mincemeat Pie, but a southern fav runs a close 2nd, Pecan Pie.
My daughter doesn't really like pies so she is making Pumpkin Cheesecake and my son is making his fav Apple pie, so my kitchen is very crowded today. What's the old saying about too many cooks? : )

27 Nov, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving Raquel. I think everyone across the world should have a day when they show how grateful they are for the good things in their lives.

27 Nov, 2008


Thanks for the good wishes from across the pond and happy Thanksgiving everyone. You're so right about everyone having different tastes Wohlibuli. I was brought up on squash pie rather than the pumkin. There is a big difference in the taste. Oh... and for me it's not Christmas without Mincemeat pie :)

27 Nov, 2008


Pumpkin comes in a can???

27 Nov, 2008


Sure does sal1914 :) Here in the states you'll find it next to all the other pie fillings.

27 Nov, 2008


Here in the UK the only time you get pumpkin is when it's in season .. ie.. now... and then you have to carve it up, throw the seeds and go through a load of grief just to get some flesh... In a tin...... now that is easy.
Do you use shortcrust pastry and is the pie meant to be savoury or sweet... sorry to sound so uneducated but I have no idea!

27 Nov, 2008


You use a shortcrust pastry. Too the can of pumpkin you add milk and eggs and sugar and spices. It is a sweet custard style dessert. I make it as a custard side dish all year round without the crust.
It is so popular for Thanksgiving that you can buy ready-made pastry already rolled out, just fit it into your pan,and ready-made pie filling, just pour it in and bake.
Or you can buy the can of pumpkin and add too it for your pie.
They even have a spice mix you can buy just for pumpkin pie!
Rather obsessive about it, aren't we?

27 Nov, 2008


Hi Mike,
Squash pie sounds interesting. Is that a traditional New England dish? I really like Butternut squash but have never had any others.
Hope you had a nice Turkey day, and best wishes!

27 Nov, 2008


I buy the canned pumpkin and add to it - the spice mix is called "pumpkin pie spice mix" and it contains cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger. I've never been able to make pastry so I buy the ready-made pastry. There are people who actually make pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin, but I wouldn't know how nor do I have the time for that! =)

Never heard of squash pie but would be interesting to try - is it custard-based like the pumpkin pie?
I've always been curious also about trying onion pie. =)

Never tried mincemeat pie. I don't know, I find the name off putting, though I know it doesn't contain meat anymore!

28 Nov, 2008


Hi again Raquel,
Hope you had a nice holiday, We did!
I buy can pumpkin also and add spices, but I make my own pastry, the key for me is marble. Years ago my hubby bought me a big marble rolling board and pin. It works great!
Had to stop midway thru... someone had a kitchen emergency and I had to go help clean up.
Anyway the marble keeps it cool while you roll and I love it!
Bye now!

28 Nov, 2008

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