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By Raquel


Just as I was wondering whether seeing the cardinal had been a fluke, I saw him again! And this time I managed to get a picture, though it’s still a bit fuzzy. Here he is:

That would have been enough excitement for one day, but then I saw a tiny brwon baby bird fly – in a very wobbly line – across the courtyard and land on my pink geranium! I couldn’t believe it! I don’t know what kind of bird it is, I almost want to say chickadee, but I really don’t know, or maybe a baby wren? He seemed very tired and was falling asleep on the geranium branch, chirping, but the branch kept bending (I was hoping it wouldn’t break!) and I think eventually he moved on. Here are some pictures:

And a close-up:

After this I decided to get some bird food and water and see if I can entice them to come chow down on my balcony…I haven’t seen any of them yet, but maybe it takes time…also, I’m not always home to see them!

And so it looks like I might need to protect the tomatoes and the strawberries after all, if and when they give fruit!

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Great shots. Can't tell what the little one is, he looks too young to be out of the nest!

11 Aug, 2008


im sure they will appreciate the food and water raquel

11 Aug, 2008


Thanks Wohlibuli, yes I don't know either. I should look him up someplace!

I hope so, Irish, it's hard to tell whether they're stopping by, but yesterday I found a seed in the water and one on the railing, so maybe they are!

13 Aug, 2008


Hi Raquel!... the little bird looks like a baby robin...couldn't see if it's breast feathers were dapply or not... he looks very young to be out of the nest!! baby birds don't have enough grit in their crops to eat seeds...perhaps some bread crumbs will help him get a start and some budgie gravel in the bottom of the plate...
I had a baby sparrow fall into my pond today!! it was fledged and it was probably it's maiden flight and he tried to land on a lilypad..but SPLASH!!! poor baby.... I rescued him and kept the dog at bey while I brought some bread crumbs... he sat perfectly still til I left the vicinity..then he hopped down and helped himself to some crumbs... next thing I know he's up in the viburnum!! feels very good to be of help. also...could it be a baby cardinal?? the female is a bronzy-yellow with red beak...the pic you have is a male.

16 Aug, 2008


Thanks Lori! I don't know much about birds, though I like to watch them fly about...I haven't seen the baby bird since that day, hopefully he managed to get somewhere more stable than the geranium branch! I think he either fell out of the nest or that was also his maiden flight...I really should look him up in a bird encyclopedia, but I haven't had time.. could be a baby cardinal, i suppose, but I've never seen the female..just the male,,,but then again, where there's one there's bound to be more! =) So maybe you're right.

19 Aug, 2008


Hi from Fl, USA. Are cardinals unusual in the UK? We have beautiful ones here in our yard. I may still have a picture of one I got feeding. We have 2 males, 3 females, and every once in a while discover a group of youngsters. They are my husbands favorite birds!

16 Jul, 2009


Hi Paticiamb! Now I know what you meant by your other comment - I love cardinals, but thought they would not be found in south Texas...I always thought of them as cold-weather birds, probably because I grew up in Virginia and saw them there...along with bluejays. But I have spotted quite a few in Houston, and was told by other members that yes indeed, they're found in Texas. lol

18 Jul, 2009

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