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By Raquel


I have been ransacked by back pain and back spasms this week like there was no tomorrow – it is a chronic problem I have had for years, made worse by having flat feet – very flat feet – but this was the worst flare-up I have had in years. I feel much better now though, but I’m still with the hot towels and ice packs. But what surprised me about myself was how much I thought about my garden this past week – and how I started thinking about what other plants I wanted to add and what I wanted to plant next spring, and how I wanted some cool brightly colored pots I saw at Wal-Mart but that Larry would KILL me (he’s also my chiropractor) if I went and got some before this flare-up subsided…Maybe it’s because when we’re feeling at our most impotent, when you’re feeling so bad you can barely move, let alone plant anything, the mind takes over with an activity that soothes you….So here’s my wish list so far:

1. get clay pots for my roses – big enough to hold their plastic pots – so they won’t be blown over by the wind come Fall and Spring.

2. Marguerite suggested vines to cover the railing on my balcony, and I told her I was thinking more of using bougainvillea…but now I wonder if that’s the wisest thing – bougainvillea don’t stay small – so I’m thinking of morning glory, that way I can combine the lightness of the vine with the flowers that I like to have. But I might also try a small bougainvillea next Spring. They actually do seem to do quite well in containers and the railing is quite long. I’m also hoping these plants will bring more coolness and shade to the balcony.

3. get a birdfeeder

4. buy a tomato plant – maybe a grape tomato – because I love those and they’re so freakin’ expensive right now…I was surprised that Wabash has tomato seedlings again, I thought they would only sell them in the Spring…yet it must be that Houston’s growing season is so long that people also plant tomatoes for Fall.

That’s it for now! We’ll see how much of this I get done…

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Sorry to hear you've had such a terrible back. That's miserable. I hope you are on your feet again soon. I do the same when I have down time with no pressing jobs, I plan whet I am going to do next in the garden. It's a good winter activity.

3 Aug, 2008


I have dreadful back pain aswell, and hips shoulders neck also, so I can sympathise with you. It can really get you down can't it. I totally agree that something like planing ahead in the garden can take your mind off it to a certain extent. I hope you get all your wish list done, then you can start another.

3 Aug, 2008


Hope you'll feel better soon.

3 Aug, 2008


Some sports shops sell elasticated ankle supports that reach almost down to the toes. This supports the arch of the foot as well. I found these very helpful in the days when I did a lot of running as I tended to get blisters on the instep where my flat feet rubbed against the running shoes

3 Aug, 2008


it's a real pain (pardon the pun)when there is so much you want to do but cant because of back pain,and frustrating, hope you feel better soon.maureen.

3 Aug, 2008


I know exactly how you feel , I burst a disc years ago , for years I was barely able to crawl about at times , to see things in the garden that need doing ," that weed " staring at you and you can,t do anything about it , is so depressing ,
Hope you feel better soon , keep thinking about the nice things you will do ,hopefully soon
best wishes

3 Aug, 2008


Thanks everyone for all your nice comments - I am feeling a bit better, I decided to just rest - amazingly I slept for about 9 hours today and they do say sleep is needed to heal - and I have noticed a big difference. But oh that is the worst feeling to want to do things and not be able to do them, but maybe it's also a way to teach us that we don't have to be in such a hurry!

4 Aug, 2008

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