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By Patty


My spuds have not been a success for a few years. The foliage dies of and when I lift the tubers a good percentage are soft and rotting. I have to use them quickly because they don’t keep. What am I doing wrong? A friend of mine suggested I treat the soil with lime over winter but I don’t know where to get it. Is it still legal to use lime as a fertiliser? Would be grateful for any advice.

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could just be too wet for them , we have had a fair bit of rain!
you would normally lime before planting brassicas, which you can buy from your local garden centre.
not much you can do for the rotten or soft ones now other than eat what you can , and enjoy(hopefully)

29 Aug, 2008


Not sure how much rain you have had but perhaps your soil holds too much moisture? Amending the soil for better drainage and making sure your hilling your spuds well might help. Could it be blight? Check this site out for info on blight

29 Aug, 2008

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