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Before discovering this website, I never really took photos of my garden (never thought of it to be honest) & now looking back through photos of the past couple of months it’s amazing how your garden changes through the seasons (obvious I know) but it is so easy to forget what things were like even just a matter of weeks ago. Eg; my grass borders a couple of months ago after we dug everything out & improved the soil then divided things, looked really bare at first, now they are really full & I just think nature is amazing when given a little helping hand. Also I can see what a good reference aid these pics will be come next Winter/Spring when I can’t remeber what needs moving or dividing & for those of you lucky enough to have a big garden it must be invaluable to have a photo “diary”.
So thanks to GOY & all who participate for all your inspiration!

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I think It's great. I now know that come Sept/Oct I will look back through my pics and start planting bulbs in the gaps, so that come Spring the gaps wont be there.

1 Jun, 2008


You are so right, Poppy! I am almost a year in, I started taking photos and posting them then. I didn't divide my folders up until I got my laptop in August but I have the photos transferred fom the PC, so not quite a full year's worth but nearly! It will be interesting to compare the borders as I've made a LOT of changes since then. I would not have done any of this without GOY, so I'm grateful too.

1 Jun, 2008


I also agree with all these comments.Its a superb way to keep a record of a garden and the seasonal changes as well as the natural changes that we impose on our gardens as well. This site is a wonderful way of sharing our passion for plants and gardening.

1 Jun, 2008


Grenville- if you are on line, please respond to my message!

1 Jun, 2008


So true! After all these years I'm finally starting to log what's there, when it flowers and thanks to GOY members what they are called! :)

1 Jun, 2008


Taking photos is so helpful as you all have mentioned. I sat and went through all my photos in early March when the gardening bug sarted to bite. Right away I was able to plan what I wanted to change or add too. I have photos of when I moved in five years ago and all I had then was July and August to start my back garden. It's just amazing to look at the photos from back then.

I VERY strongly recommend that you should all load up all your photos on to discs. You can do them in seperate discs like, back garden, front garden. single flowers, plants, or projects that you did like putting in a pond or an arbor. This puts it all into order and is very helpful to find photos that you want to see fast. The most important reason for doing this is in case of a major computer crash or virus invasion. I had a major crash on my computer a couple years ago when we had a lightning strike very close to the house. A surge came through my phone line and because I am on dial up I lost everything on my computer. Three years of garden photos would have been lost if I didn't have them on discs.

2 Jun, 2008


Thanks Mike for the info on discs. It's yet another thing I'll have to get to grips with aswell as this new digital camera, and I'm not fully able to use the computer yet anyway. This is a whole new way of life for me.
However, I shall be able to see the changes I'm doing to the garden now, and see how it developes.
I've seen your pics Poppy and you have a lovely garden and taken some good photos. Keep at it :)

2 Jun, 2008


Thanks All. Some good pointers there too.

2 Jun, 2008


Yep , ive been taking pics of my garden for the past 3 years when my hubby bought me a nice new digi camera , I got click happy , but its so good in the winter days to slip a cd in the puter and look at all the lovely garden photos and read over the notes of greats and disappointments , and plan for another year ive also got a terrible memory so id be lost without my notes and photo's

2 Jun, 2008


i agree with ye all, being able to look back over the photos and see the changes in the garden is great , also very helpful for planning future plantings

2 Jun, 2008


Blodyn, Once you master your camera you will also become a computer pro. It all takes time. I remember my first computer. I almost threw it out the window several times. Of course the computer was fine. T'was me who was the problem :)

3 Jun, 2008

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