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What's to be done about cats?




Doing a little bit of hoeing at tea time, going along nicely then all of a sudden behind a polemonium that’s a nice size clump now was a huge pile of cat poo, aaarrgh! I have 2 sonic cat deterrents which have done a good job but every now & then one slips through the net as it were. I used to like cats a lot but since gardening more seriously & having to scoop up other “people’s” mess, I am not a fan any more.
It’s disgusting to come across when you are weeding by hand & cats & their owners are above the “law” as it were. I am especially concerned with having a 2 yr old who I encourage to play in the garden but it can be very dangerous as we know (causing blindness).
How do any of you cope with straying moggies? I suppose I should get myself a cat!!

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Birtie sees off other cats (albeit rather timidly) and she has a litter tray indoors, do does not foul my garden or my neighbours'. Personally, I think people should always provide a litter tray for their cats, as they obviously have to go somewhere and are otherwise likely to go nextdoor and cause people like you problems. Obviously not always practical tho. Try using Scoot - you mix it with water and water it on. I use it on my veggy patch (just in case) and it seems to be effective.

1 Apr, 2008


Have you tried the Canina plant that cats are supposed to dislike? i saw adverts for them again in the paper this week. I HATE finding animal poo when I am working in the garden - we get foxes and badgers as well as an occasional moggie - Henry chases the cats out if he's on patrol!

1 Apr, 2008


Thanks, I think I will try some Scoot.

2 Apr, 2008

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