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All the fantastic photos coming in daily of everyone’s midsummer gardens. It’s lovley to see the changes & all the colour now.
I am getting ready for my parish “Open Gardens” event on the 20th July. Mine is one of 8 gardens opening to raise money for our parish Church (recently fell victim to the price of scrap metal increase) yes, the lead has been stolen from the roof.
So we are busy keeping on top of the garden, nurturing lots of plants for selling, also a tombola, lucky dip for the kids, prize quiz & some craft stalls, & of course teas. Just need the weather to be with us for a good turn out, finger’s crossed!

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Well, good for you! When I go to Open Gardens, apart from admiring the gardens and getting ideas, I head for the plants for sale - so keep nurturing! Let us know how it went and I do hope you raise shedloads of money. What mean-spirited, evil vandals some people are. Did you see the Plymouth war memorial vandalism????

4 Jul, 2008


It's terrible what some will stoop to. There are some very old churches and chapels dotted around on these hills here and they often get vandalised. I's so distressing for the members and so pointless. One got done a few weeks ago.
I hope your "Open Garden " day is a success. : )

4 Jul, 2008


Hope every thing goes well on your day, people who do these sort of things to me they are nothing but thugs.As for all the photos of peoples gardens there are so many i dont get time to keep looking at them all, unless i neglet another job that needs doing

4 Jul, 2008


With all Best Wishes for your event, Poppy! Also for the church roof! Is there a substitute for lead nowadays? I don't know, but hope there is.

5 Jul, 2008


good luck for the 20th hope all goes well , and that you have the best of weather ,
I have a real problem believing that there are people that can stoop so low as to steal from churches ,it actually makes you feel sick
best wishes

6 Jul, 2008

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