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80th Birthday Celebrations


My husband Harry was 80 years old on Sunday the 5th July, as a surprise present our son Simon and daughter in law Clare took us both to London for a sightseeing treat!
We travelled by train to London Euston on Friday the 3rd arriving at St Paul’s Clubhouse where we were booked in for the weekend, the hotel was just across the street from St Paul’s Cathedral.

It wasn’t long before we had unpacked and were sitting relaxing in the lounge planning our first sight seeing venue.

The first sight to meet our eyes was the Magnificent St Pauls Cathedral
What a wonderful sight it is soaring magnificently into the blus skies above the vibrant and bustling streets below, this was made even more moving by the peal of the bells ringing.
The Medieval Cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1666 [the Great Fire of London] and was rebuilt and designed by Christopher Wren in 1675

From St Pauls we continued walking along the Banks of the Thames

The Shard at 310-m high is the tallest building in Western Europe’ was designed by Renzo Piano and dominates the London Skyline

In the distance the Tower Bridge now comes into view, completed in 1894 the bridges were lifted by Steam Engine until 1976 when the lifting machinery was electrified.

The Houses of Parliment and Big Ben, they were designed by Barry in1834

The London Eye opened in 2000 as part of the millennium celebrations standing at 443-ft high Each of the 32 capsules holds upto 25 people, take a gentle 30 minute round trip, giving views which give a 25 mile view in all directions.

BIG BEN is not the name of the world famous four faced clock in the 315ft tower that rises above the Houses of Parliament but of the resonant 14 tonne bell on which the hours are struck, thought to be named after Sir Benjamin Hall the Chief Commissioner of works. in 1858.

Lets have break from sight seeing and have a little dance;0)

The Tower Of London, what a fascinating place , there is much to see and do, a few pictures to give you a taste.

Toys For The Boys

Harry even got chatting to the Queen;0))

Simon and Clare made friends with the Beefeater

I snapped the Sentry on guard and also the Raven

The Guards look very smart and colourful

We went on a River Cruise on the Thames

Tower Bridge

Houses of Parliment and Big Ben taken from our Thames Cruise

H.M.S Belfast A Heavy Cruise Ship built in 1938 and was used in the D. Day Landings in the Second World War.

War Memorial

The London Eye

A magestic Clipper a survivor,of the clippers that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the 19th century. It won the annual Clippers race from China to London in 1871 in a time of 107 days. It was put on display here in 1957.

The Tower Bridge opens its drawbridge to let a boat through

Its time to say goodbye to this Great City, but we will be returning again soon!

Our Thanks to Simon and Clare for giving us this wonderful experience and sharing it with us.

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Smashing pictures....what a lovely break.The view from London Bridge has changed with the Shard, of course, from when I used to walk across everyday to work for my first job(1975 and 76) And No smell of fish from Billingsgate below(it was moved many years ago) but, lots hasn't changed..the Belfast is still moored there and, of course there's the vie in the other direction of St Paul's. Sometimes, in those two very hot summers, I would walk over the bridge at lunchtime and sit on the steps by St Paul's and eat my lunch.
Great pictures, and memories for me...and, what a great present for a milestone birthday!

9 Jul, 2015


I love London. You bring back many fond memories of my visit. Nice blog!

9 Jul, 2015


A proper sighteeing tour Carole! Congratulations to your hubby. He's looking well, as are you. I might be going to London in September too...for a film premiere! I'm already fretting about what to wear!!

9 Jul, 2015


Thanks Paul pleased you enjoyed, you have some lovely memories, Harry and Simon really enjoyed their tour of the Belfast, we all loved the atmosphere and hopefully pay a return visit in the near future;0)

Thanks Bathgate pleased to have brought back fond memories for you;0)

Thanks Karen for your compliments, oooh a film premiere that sounds exciting and a new dress too;0))

9 Jul, 2015


A lovely blog and pictures,Carole,and a fantastic Birthday gift for Harry..It would be right up his street..Lots of memories for me too,when I worked there for two years..still didn't get around to seeing everything I wanted to glad you all had a great time,and added to favourites..Hopefully, see you both soon .xxx

9 Jul, 2015


This is a lovely reminder of a happy day - thank you for sharing it with us. And many congratulations to Harry!

9 Jul, 2015


What a wonderful birthday surprise for Harry and the fact that you were able to enjoy it with him. As well as Simon and Clare. You took some superb photos and the weather looks as if it was kind to you too, for the most part. Belated happy birthday to Harry.

9 Jul, 2015


Congratulations To Harry, that was a wonderful way to celebrate, you followed more or less the same route I did two weeks ago with my daughter Sherryl, it was my birthday present from her plus tickets to Mama Mia, we were there two weeks back Carole, it was fabulous but too hot, only thing I didn't like was the brown grass in the parks, very prickly to sit on, lol, like you I could never tire of visiting, its always nice to see others photo's, I sit here thinking, "oh I stood there."..
Already have our tickets booked for Hyde Park in September so that will be another grand tour, still haven't been to Greenwich and loads more places.....

9 Jul, 2015


What a wonderful present. I love presents like that.
Belated happy birthday and thank you for sharing your photos with us.

10 Jul, 2015


Same here, but do remember the architectural work
on the House of Commons and the Queen Elizabeth
clock tower was done by Augustus Pugin, who was employed by Barry - who took the credit and most of the

10 Jul, 2015


A lovely way to celibrate your husbands 80th... great pics carole.... glad you all had a great time....

10 Jul, 2015


A lovely Blog and photos Carole what a magnificent birthday gift, Simon & Clare always manage to come up with something 'different ' for your surprise gifts I'm glad you all had a wonderful time because your'e both worth it ! love x

10 Jul, 2015


Thanks Sandra it was certainly a holiday we will remember always We both enjoyed London so much to see we are already talking about another visit in the future, so many other interesting places there to explore ;0)

Thanks Steragram and Waddy I will pass on your congratulations to Harry;0)

Thanks Lincs pleased you enjoyed your London surprise too, the return visit to Hyde Park sounds very interesting too, I think we have been so impressed with London so much more to see, that we too will be making another trip in the near future;0)

Thank you Klahanie I agree it was the perfect present for Harry;0)

Thanks Diane for the information about the architecture on the House of Commons, I think that kind of thing goes on all the time, someone does all the planning and hardwork while someone else takes all the credit for it, I got my information from a guide book on London!

Thanks Holly it ws a great way to celebrate such a milestone birthday and enjoyed by us all ;0))

Thank you Amy you are right about Simon and Clare always planning special surprises for us it was all the better having them to share it with us ;0))

10 Jul, 2015


Next time think about going west. Kew Gardens,
The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum,
and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The Alpine House at Kew Gardens is wonderful in April.
The plants are all grown elsewhere in the garden ( over the wall) and set up in the Alpine House in gravel beds as they come into flower.

The Marianne North Gallery in Kew Gardens is worth a visit too. She travelled the world with her maid, found the flowers, did the paintings. I have read that she never
diluted her paints. Painted straight from the tube. Had the Gallery built with her own money, and supervised the hanging of the pictures. I bought all the postcards available, put them in two albums, much treasured now.

10 Jul, 2015


Congratulations Harry ! :)
Great photos Carole. I'm glad you had a lovely holiday.

10 Jul, 2015


Agree with Diane about Kew - a great cactus house too.

10 Jul, 2015


What a lovely 80th birthday treat for Harry, yourself, Simon and Clare. Lovely photos of your time spent in London. We're only about sixty miles South but rarely visit! :o)

11 Jul, 2015


Thanks Dianne west certainly sounds very attractive especially Kew Gardens for the flowers and plants and I would also be interested to see the Marriane North Gallery being very fond of painting myself;0)

Thanks Hywel and Stregram so much more to see in London!

Thanks to you too Shirley pleased you enjoyed the pictures ;0))

11 Jul, 2015


Belated Happy Birthday to Harry from me too. Glad you had such a lovely time in London. There is so much to see yet when I worked there I never noticed much apart from the shops! A lovely gift to remember and relive :)

11 Jul, 2015


Thanks Gee, I agree so much to see, we must go back soon!!

11 Jul, 2015

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