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Spuria and Siberian Irises


By NancyM


A while back I was inquiring about the difference between spuria and Siberian irises. A Canadian grower sent this information to me so I thought I’d share it here as well.

Some of the differences and similarities between Spurias and Siberians.
1) They both are “beardless” irises.
2) Spurias have a huge range of colours with some wild, exotic colour combinations. Siberians are typically blue, purple, yellow or white.
3) Spuria flowers are known for their long, upright standards and long falls that flare out into a spoon-like shape. Siberian flowers are graceful and dainty; looking like beautiful butterflies fluttering above their foliage.
4) Spurias have strong, sword-like foliage and strong flower stems. Siberians have attractice, supple foliage and the plants form large clumps.
4) Spurias like full sun but also need a little moisture in well-drained soil. Siberians, on the other hand, need rich, moist acidic soil to thrive but can drown if continually submerged. They look particularly good grown beside a stream or pond.
5) Some Spurias can be taller than 6 feet but generally range from 4 feet up. Siberians are in the 24" to 36" range.
6) Spurias bloom after the tall beardeds have finished while Siberians bloom at the same time as the late tall beardeds.

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Interesting information : )

20 Jul, 2008


Ah, very interesting...might be worth adding one of these spurious for the later flowers! Thanks Nancy!

8 Feb, 2013

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