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Christmas Surprise


Seasonal greetings everyone.
Today I’ve managed to find five minutes to go out and about my cold and soggy winter garden and have been rather cheered by the result!

OK. So you have to ignore the weeds that are ‘already chomping on the bit’ in fevered anticipation of the first warm rays of spring sunshine, but, the overall result from the bedroom window is quite colourful. But that’s not really what this post is about.

We all appreciate that Christmas is a great time for families and friends getting together. So I recently found myself up in the loft looking for decorations and such when I came across an old, long-forgotten box of photos. (I could tell they were old photos because I didn’t have an ounce of fat on me)!

Well! That got me thinking and so one thing led to another and I began to ‘google’ an old friend from way back and with scant thought that I’d actually find him. We had both worked on a solar housing research project on behalf of the University of Beersheba right out in the middle of nowhere in the Negev Desert. That was back in the early 1980’s during the days of Carter, Begin and Sadat.

Before long I spotted ’Joe’s’ photograph in the loft. I had barely given him a thought throughout all those years. But as I perused different images I found myself coming up with all manner of different memories which I thought had been lost forever – or didn’t think I’d even remembered in the first place! All of a sudden I could recall all manner of things. For instance, I now remembered that ‘Joe’ had been keen to become a journalist.

And there he was on my google page! Or at least there were articles that shared his name. A very short email containing succinct details that only he would recognise was duly sent to a general business email address and within 24 hours I had a reply to my query from ‘Joe’.

WOW! How about that?[:D]

Within a few emails we were right back were we started as if the years had never intervened (except for the hair loss we now share). ‘Joe’ now has a family and works in New York city. Now, if that isn’t a good enough reason to go ‘stateside’ sometime soon I don’t know what is. I’m delighted that my trip to the loft has given me the chance to rediscover a long lost friend.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.

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Great blog Muddywellies, so glad you could reconnect with a old friend. Sometimes photos can be so evocative, some of the old pics of my family and my parents and granparents are real treasures. I also have a photo of some dear friends from school on a ski trip, all in casts. It is a great memory!
Makes you realise why early photos were such a big success, people wanted those memories to last!
NYC in the late spring is gorgeous! Hope you can make it! : )

12 Dec, 2008


Well done - happy ending to your quest.

Strangely, I had a call from a cousin today - I thought we'd lost touch but he had tracked me down! He has moved and so did we - 4 years ago. We sent out 'new address cards' but his must have gone astray. Now he says he will visit us next year...happy ending for me, as well.

Two re-unions on the cards in one day can't be bad! :-)

12 Dec, 2008


Congratulations to both your happy endings ... perhaps someone will come up witha third to round it off .....:0)

12 Dec, 2008


I have made several re connections this year, a friend from 40 years ago, a cousin and a girl I worked with 35 years ago. A courtesy of a certain web site! (Are we allowed to name names? )

12 Dec, 2008


Thanks for sharing that interesting story of finding your old friend. May I take this opportunity to thank you for helping me with my very first question to GoY. It was your reply, together with that of Andrewr, which made me decide to join GoY, where I've made a lot of good friends. The questions section seemed full of helpful friendly people.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best to you and everyone else for 2009. :o)

12 Dec, 2008


Mery christmas to you and your family.

13 Dec, 2008

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