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The National Trust illuminating their 'efficiency'


Recently the national news media proclaimed that our National Trust should be applauded for switching over to energy efficient light bulbs in order to save over half a million pounds a year.

Why? I ask.

I think the very opposite should happen. I mean, why should they be applauded for doing something that most of the country have been doing for the past ten years or more! That’s over £5,000,000! The NT would have a nationwide appeal for that kind of money.

I can’t believe that no one in the Trust’s national hierarchy has not changed their own lamps at home and not thought of suggesting the same for the organisation. It beggars’ belief! That it has taken ten years to make such a decision. For all the good work the National Trust does do, this is a classic and illuminating example of how it’s committee mentality can squander money and public resources.

This article was taken from my gardening forums.

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Wonder if they re doing this at Cragside ,Northumberland?
First house lit by hydro - electricity somewhat ironic given the original undertaking of building lakes , storing power in batteries the size of a small car etc.Take your point though Muddywellies surely the point is not how much they re saving
but how much they ve wasted in taking so long .

9 Jul, 2008


This reminded me of the "Word Art" black&white caricature of a light bulb depicting a "brainwave". I hope they didn't compromise their great (environment) saving idea by using up a lot of fuel to attend meetings, and paper on which to record their "brilliance". I do get frustrated, sometimes, by all the info available to us ordinary householders on saving the planet, just to see large, responsible bodies/companies not making avisible effort - or, worse! - spending vast amounts on printed literature and fuel miles to drop it all through our letterboxes. As if we didn't know/already do! And then WE have to recycle the stuff. However, it won't, hopefully, take the NT too long to recoup the costs and begin to make a real difference.

9 Jul, 2008

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