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Winter darkness


By MikaP


My house plants are withering. Red light lamp does not have good enough impact. Guava suffers, asparagus turns yellow, citruspelargonium looses leaves. Boucainville looks awful. Turmeric and ginger want to get soil over them. Spring in a wait! Longing, longing, longing….

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Sorry to hear about your plants. The days are starting to get longer now so maybe they will revive soon :)

21 Jan, 2019


That is so frustrating I never thought of that being a problem with house plants in winter in the far north.

21 Jan, 2019


Try using violet light. Those florescent tube lights you get at the hardware store. A shop light would work just fine. They'll need to be about 6 inches above the plants for 12 hours per day.

21 Jan, 2019


Hi Mika, I am interested to see what you grow in your garden. My sons have bought a piece of land and buildings sixty miles north of Gothenburg. Spring doesn't come until May and then everything grows at an amazing rate.
Last summer was very dry and hot so it can be difficult planning what to grow. You are much further north so I imagine your season is pretty short.

22 Jan, 2019

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