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spring has finally come!


Well, the snow is gone and we are working like madmen in the yard.
I decided to go with a 8" raised veggie garden that is 20′×40′ in size. We built the garden and planted it all on May long weekend. Already the peas and radishes are up. In the garden are also yellow and green beans, onions, carrots, zuchinni(sp wrong sorry), pickling cukes, english cukes, corn( northern variety) and yukon gold potatoes.
Around the shady side of my house I planted lettuce and spinach in containers, as they don’t do well in the full sun.
in the front of my house, i made a 3′×7′ flower bed. in there are yellow lilies(survivors from last year). also, i started morning glory from seed, which are already up! i cant remember what else i put in the bed, but they are all from seed, and seem to be starting easily!
My flowers are all being started outside in containers as we are not ready for me to be designing flower beds. This way they can all grow and I can transplant them to permenent homes after the grass is planted!
Also I have had the awesome surprize of a family of downy woodpeckers living in my trees and possibly the discovery of a humming bird nest! needless to say, we made all accomidations for all my bird friends, with the hopes that they will stay around. Good thing the humming birds and I both love red!

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What a great time of year for you - I'm glad the snow finally went - now you can enjoy planting and growing again.

29 May, 2008


Boy, you have had quite a winter. Glad it is finally over for you. We are still pretty wet and cold. I went out this morning to water and it was so windy and cold 11 degrees C. so decided to wait until the sun came out, it is now 3 o'clock and no sign of it yet. It sure holds things up. The only veggies that are doing well right now are my cukes (in the hanging baskets) and the "Tumbler" tomatoes - sprouting broccoli and Egyptian onions - everything else is at a standstill. Barb

29 May, 2008


When I read about and see photos of the winters that you have in Canada I always remind myself that I shouldn't complain about the winters that I get here in the North East US. Your winters seem to be soooooo long. Enjoy your planting and your garden ( both of you :) )

29 May, 2008

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