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how can i stop slugs eating dahlias

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Marilyn, I always used charcoal. I swear by it. Pick off all the snails from your flowers, crush them and feed them to the birds, or just put them somewhere on show for them, but make sure they're crushed properly. Find as many as you can, because you only need one snail to get many more, as they are bisexual. Then put charcoal on the earth underneath the plant. Crushed ashes from your fireplace is fine. They hate it and will not slide over it, as it is too harsh for their soft bottom. Salt is also great stuff. But you've got to put it on the snail and they just "melt" away. Good luck, hope you can get rid of your pests.

14 Jul, 2008


Fill half an orange shell with beer, they'll crawl into it and drown

25 Aug, 2009

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