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Dec 7th 2007:
-10C and LOTS of snow.
We are in a new house with untouched grounds to play with. The snow is currently about a foot and a half deep around the house so it’s hard to imagine where I’ll be placing my tomato garden. THe seeds have been bought and I’m raring to go, however, where to plant them? Although I have a lot of room, the ideal locations are covered in tree stumps or are far away from the house. Plus, the varieties of maters I have require an extended growing season and I usually use my “Walls of Water” over a prewarmed bed. . .which I don’t have right now. I never knew gardening could get this complicated! I don’t want to plant in containers, unless they were on a deck (which is not built yet), but if we landscape, I wouldn’t want to mow over my tomato babies.I am loathe to wait yet another year without fresh, juicy, tasty tomatoes.
What to do? I will think on it some more. Perhaps inspiration will hit me soon!

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Hallo Indy - I cannot imagine what it must be like living in those temperatures with so much snow. We think it's cold if the thermometer drops to zero! In SW England, where I live, snow is rare, as we are near the coast. Wrap up warm, and think of lovely home-grown tomatoes. Could you put a greenhouse somewhere on your plot? - just a thought to extend your growing season...

7 Dec, 2007


Hi Indy! You have humbled me somewhat. Here I am. bemoaning the fact that the temp is only +10c during the day, dropping to + 2 or 3 at night, and you have all that snow and cold! I am intrigued by your walls of water on pre-warmed bed method. What is this exactly? I would love 2know.

7 Dec, 2007


I'm in Ontario, it's just a *tad* frosty these days. . . :> . I'll post a pic of our first snowfall last week.
Unfortunately, a greenhouse isn't quite in the budget right now.:<
I used to have raised beds covered in black garbage bags to get the soil warmed up. THen I would plant my hardened off seedlings under the "Walls of Water" or "Kozy Coats" ( THe link should explain how it works. It really does work. I'll post pics of my own experience once I get my other computer up and running. On this new property, I failed to realize that I don't have prepared beds ready for spring and it will be difficult to plant my seedlings out early. I'm still going to try though!

8 Dec, 2007


Thanx so much for the explanation and the link. I have some more raised beds to construct, too, and may try this out. Looking forward to more of your pics, Regards, David

9 Dec, 2007


Maybe Santa will put a greenhouse in your stocking! lol - seriously, my friend bought a small plastic greenhouse (to stand against the house wall) this year, and she is very pleased with it. You have to store it in the coldest part of the winter or it would go brittle, but it's brilliant for starting plants off earlier than is possible outside in the spring! It was a very low price, a bargain for what it does. .It folds up flat for storage - Is that a ppossibility for you?

13 Dec, 2007

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