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What to do with spare plant pots?


Hallo everyone,

I just wonder if anybody has views on what’s the best way to recycle plant pots? We’ve been taking them down to our local allotment (very closeby – no carbon costs!) and leaving them for anyone who wants them.

Is this an effective way to do things? I’d hate just to throw the pots away, but I don’t really want to make elaborate arrangements either.

Thanks and best,

Hilary Burrage (Some articles here on food, seasons, environment and so forth, if you’d like to visit…)

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We have a contact who runs a small garden construction business (including propogating plants) so he is always happy to get pots donated

18 May, 2008


I grow plants to sell at carboot sales - so I'm always scrounging for pots off my friends!

18 May, 2008


Also you could try

19 May, 2008


My favourite Garden Centre has placed bins in the corner of the car park, where you can 'dump' unwanted pots and take any that you'd like! I also gave away three sackloads on Freecycle, Sid. They were appreciated.

20 May, 2008

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