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Garden Centre visit


By Gee19


A friend offered to drive me to the local garden centre this morning so I jumped at the chance as I needed some more bags of compost. I also had a ‘voucher’ to spend with their Gardening Club scheme. Wyevale is having a make-over of some sort, they are discarding the name ‘Wyevale’ and are reinventing themselves as ‘Gardening Club’ – I don’t know if this is nationally or just locally. Instead of having 10% off for senior citizens on Tuesdays they now operate a points system which totalled up to the value of £5.25 for me to spend :)

I needed cheering up a bit (granddaughter has had Swine Flu and has been quite poorly but picking up a bit now and my daughter was given some medication to help alleviate allergies and they had horrific side effects but, thank God, she is recovering now too).

We wandered round the centre and I found the the following plant. I liked it a lot, and liked it even more as it was half price. Problem was, it had no label so I didn’t know what it was and no one there seemed to know either! I liked the colour of it but really needed to know how big it would grow, etc. So, reluctantly I left it behind.

Perhaps someone can identifiy it for me.

I did buy a half-price conifer (£1.75) Juniperus Squamata ‘Blue Star’, although I am not sure where I will plant it yet!

I also qualified for a free £2.99 clematis as part of the Gardening Club membership scheme so chose Clematis ‘Westerplatte’. It’s quite small but has a couple of buds and is supposed to flower into the autumn so I will get that planted as soon as possible. The flowers are dark red.

I have been typing as fast as I can as we are having a severe thunder-storm here at the moment and the lights keep flickering so I had better get this ‘published’ just in case I am cut off!

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~It is a national thing and I have had some vouchers through the post but don't like it as much as actually getting the discount off there and then~sometimes the extra £5 or so has meant an extra plant just before payday! I haven't been back since they changed over and we used to go nearly every week.
I might go back to spend my vouchers as I need more compost but am not really enthusiastic.I can get some great plants online so if they put me off going I can do just as well without having to get to that part of town which is a pain in the bum!

16 Jul, 2009


Hi Gee, I'm sorry but I don't know what the plant is called and I'm not a member of the gardening club either, :~(( but I just wanted to say hello and I liked your blog :~))

17 Jul, 2009


That bronze coloured plant looks like my Physocarpus 'Diablo'.
Why not google it and see if it IS as you remember it at the garden centre.....................
............. Actually, i'm changing my mind .... look at Weigelas !!!
The leaves look like them !!!

I'm also a Gardening Club person !
And i too got the baby Clematis a few weeks ago.
I thought they'd take a long time to get going but .... definately not !
They're shooting away, it's wonderful :)))
I hope that thunderstorm didn't do any damage.

17 Jul, 2009


I was thinking Weigela also... there are a few darker leaf varieties. I have "wine and roses" I know there is a "midnight wine" as well.

17 Jul, 2009


Yes, definately Weigela !
Didn't you post one of them in your photos fairly recently Km ?

17 Jul, 2009 and roses.

17 Jul, 2009


I thought so :)
It's a lovely one !

17 Jul, 2009


My first thought was some sort of Weigela too. I would have thought someone at the garden centre would know that. I don't go to Wyevale often even though it's nearest, I find them a bit expensive and I preferred the old Tuesday discount scheme too. However I did get 4 bags of J A Bowers compost for £12 plus my free clematis on my last visit so that was a bargain!
Where do you get your plants online Arlene (or are we not allowed to say on here!)?

17 Jul, 2009


Hi Gee ~
I hope all your family members are feeling fit again now.
I found it interesting, joining in your garden centre visit.

17 Jul, 2009


~I have bought some nice plants from Athela's Plants and
Gardening Express~he has a site on ebay under GCoates? and on ebay~ hotplantco.Cornwallplantaholics and a few more that don't spring to mind this morning~I have rarely been disappointed with plants from one of the big sellers on ebay.You need to take the postage costs into account of course!
I will have a think and send you a pm.

17 Jul, 2009


Thank you for your suggestions. It is odd that you should all come up with Weigela as I moved the plant to take the photo and stood it in front of a whole batch of them! I have googled and it looks very much like 'Dark Horse' so I am trying to arrange another visit and hope it is still there!

Hi TT, the family are doing OK now, thank you - and the rest of us have stopped wondering if we will go down with the flu as the incubation period has now passed. Granddaughter is still very lethargic and upset because she missed her 'work experience' 2 weeks!

I've bought plants from Ebay and elsewhere on line and never had any problems although, as Arlene says, you do have to watch the postage costs.

17 Jul, 2009


Great to know your family are feeling better, Gee...
It will take your granddaughter a while to get her strength back....
...good luck with your clematis :o)

17 Jul, 2009


Hi Gee great blog thankyou, So glad your family is better it must have been worrying for you when you hear the news on that swine flu and how it is affecting different people.

17 Jul, 2009


I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to the garden centre Gee. I hope your family soon recovers from their ailments.

17 Jul, 2009


Sorry to hear your grandaughter has swine flu.......hope your family are all better soon........theres nothing better than a trip to the garden centre or plant shop is there...

17 Jul, 2009


My brother in law also had swine flu, he's a lot better now still gets tired though, doc signed him off for 2 weeks, he got it from his mum and brother who had been to Dominican Republic on holiday apparentley everyone on the flight back caught it!!

17 Jul, 2009


Hope everyone who has anyone suffering from the swine flue are ok and stay safe....hope all make a speedy recovery.
I'm in The Gardening Club too!! I like that yu can use the vouchers in any department (other than a franchise there). The free clematis is romping away too!!....Its a pity you have to use them all up by end of September...was hoping to save some for "something big"....I still have £25 burning a hole in my purse. I know someone who works there and alerts me to any bargains they have!

17 Jul, 2009


I thought Weigelia as soon as I saw it ... I hope your family are much improved by now Gee , it,s such a worry isn,t it !

17 Jul, 2009


Thanks you all for the good wishes for my family. Granddaughter is feeling much better - she actually turned her computer on today so that is a good sign!

I have just returned from another trip to the garden centre and I bought the Weigela. I also found a staff member who knew what it was but not the variety. It was only £1.73 but it does look in need of tlc so I have put it in a bigger pot and will nurture it until I make a space in the front garden. I am certain that it is NOT Dark Horse now and it is definitely not Wine and Roses (unfortunately) - they had one there for £7.99 so I could compare them. I will just have to wait and see what happens.

Hope all your family recover quickly from the flu, SK, it certainly takes some getting over.

17 Jul, 2009


Ih Gee sorry i mist your blog yesterday, but pleased your grandaughter is feeling alot better, as for this points instead of 10% discount for pensioners, i find quite a few places are doing it now.

17 Jul, 2009


I quite like the points, Clarice, as I'm not tied to getting there on one particular day but, I must admit, Wyevale are sometimes a lot more expensive than other places.

17 Jul, 2009


thats brilliant I dont have anything like that near me that I know of, such bargains

good to hear that people are recovering from swine flu, you hear so much doom and gloom about it. Such a nasty thing, God bless you all and a speedy recovery
x x x

17 Jul, 2009


Pleased your family are recovering Gee.............

17 Jul, 2009


Interesting to hear of the Gardening Club at Wyevale, there is one in Manchester but too far for me, there are no garden centres nearby that have discount schemes but sometimes I call in BQ on Wednesdays as they have a 10 per cent off for pensioners, but its hit and miss with the quality of plants there. Pleased to hear your family are recovering now.

18 Jul, 2009


Nice blog i tend not ot go to wyvale much as the prices are quite high but have used them on occasion good to hear the family are recovering hope your trip cheered you up :)

20 Jul, 2009


hope your grandaughter is feeling better

20 Jul, 2009

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