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By Gee19


As I opened by front blinds yesterday morning, between 7.00 and 7.30, I saw a bright splash of colour outside of dear old Sid’s bungalow. I knew his family had been down the previous evening, sorting things out but didn’t see them leave. Once I put my glasses on I could see that two plants were stood outside the front gate, on the pavement.

Naturally, I was puzzled so went over to take a look. I found a bright yellow begonia……

…and a rather dejected cyclamen.

I presumed that Sid’s family, when loading their car, had forgotten to pick the plants up so I brought them indoors until I could let them know. Later that day I saw the neighbour who is caring for Sid’s garden until the bungalow is sold. He told me that the family didn’t want the plants so had left them for anyone to take! So I now have two new plants and like to think that Sid would be pleased.

Now, on the cyclamen there is what I think is a large seed pod. What should I do with it? Should I plant it in the garden when its a little warmer and let the seed pod do its own thing? Or should I open the seedhead and see what’s inside?

It’s fairly hard and feels heavy. HELP!

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Afraid I dont know what you do with the seed head, but what a lovely ending to a rather sad story, Bet Sids smiling down on yo Gee, me thinks he meant the plants for you all along!

7 May, 2009


What a lovely gift to remind you of Sid

7 May, 2009


I think i'd plant the seed Gee19, i know on mine the stems of them curl up like a spring and the seed shoot off! then just plant themselves wherever they land, its worth a try?

7 May, 2009


Let the seedhead dry, then remove the seeds and sow them in the ground. You probably won't see anything of them until next spring so you need to label where you put them. Once they show, you can replant them wherever you like.

7 May, 2009


Thanks for the advice. I will put the cyclamen into my greenhouse until the pod dries and then plant them up with fingers crossed :)

7 May, 2009


Don't cross you fingers Gee. You'll never pick the seeds up if you do.

8 May, 2009


If it is the larger indoor plant it isnt hardy. but you can still grow the seed and raise more plants and give them to others to keep sids memory alive. The pod should open from the centre when it is ripe. the seeds will be sticky and moist, plant them straight away, dont let them dry out.

8 May, 2009


Fingers will be uncrossed, Toto, until safely planted :)

Thank you, SBG, not sure but I think it is probably an indoor plant as its in a pot (very pot bound too) so will follow your suggestion. I have put the plant into my greenhouse for now so will wait for the pod to ripen. Quite excited about it :)

8 May, 2009


The corm will resprout in a month or two too. Repot it in fresh compost but not too big a pot. I usually have about 1" of bare soil around the corm. I lay mine on its side so i dont water it until about august then it starts all over agian.

i love growing these.

8 May, 2009


I will follow your method - thanks for the advice. I have had cyclamen bought for me before and planted them out in the garden when finished indoors. They have bloomed again in the garden so I suppose I have just been lucky. The leaves on this one seem particularly large!

8 May, 2009

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