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Operation Mole-Stack


By Gee19


Top-Secret – for your eyes only

Thanks to everyone for their very helpful advice. Worry no more – Operation Mole-Stack has now been launched and since its inauguration very little earth movement has been detected.

Agent Chloe is regularly patrolling the perimeter fences, armed with ‘gas bombs’, silent but lethal! She did forget her brief last night and let some off indoors. She was rather embarrassed but is very keen to sniff out and interrogate any interlopers to make up for the error.

Aware that Josie and Jubilee are unable to help at the moment I have recruited some look-a-likes, hoping to fool the enemy. I am sneaking out under cover of darkness and mobilising them. Agent ShortMat is scanning all areas for intruders and is ready to bowl them over; she knows all there is to know about firing, blockers, etc. Little ‘Un was anxious to help but his disguise was rather OTT so I have asked him to rethink! Agent Spade is perhaps the Weakest Link (he says he knows Anne Robinson) and is very keen to go underground but I have doubts about his integrity and fear he may defect. He swears he has never even heard of Chris Tarrant. Agents Chim, Pan and Zee are watching and listening in the front garden while I have recruited Agent Alba Tross to patrol overhead, carrying cluster-bombs (disguised as horse chesnuts). As one last precaution I have Agent Frogman standing by in case of heavy rain/flooding.

I have my spade at the ready if I see any earth movement but am having to practise shouting in a deep voice as I live alone and my family won’t help! It’s difficult but worthwhile.

At the moment I feel relatively safe but do fear for my sanity! Did I tell you I have fairies at the bottom of my garden?

All the above is well documented and photographic evidence supplied..

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Hmmm Gee - should I alert the men in white coats? I fear that the moles have made you flip - why not take a break, and have a nice cup of tea instead, dear. You just don't get Albatrosses in Kent....I know, I used to live there! And talking to your spade again, are you. Sad case. I am shaking my head.

18 Oct, 2008


Hello Gee ~
Took me a while to come back to this amazing blog. Had a read through earlier and a good laugh :o)
Please report back on any findings - mole stacks, air stacks, hay stacks...
Today I've been doing amazing things with Colchium and Acidanthera Murielae, so now its good to relax in the lucidity of your blog. :o)
If you need an extra horse-chestnut, I'll send over my Sheltie 'Conker' with his 'real sounds' John Deere toy mower.:o)

18 Oct, 2008


Thanks Spritzhenry - I've had a cup of tea and feel much better. One thing you should know - the albatrosses moved in *after* you left!

If the men in white coats appear I will direct them to Terratoonie - she started it all!! I was normal before I joined GoY (I think!)

18 Oct, 2008


I'm blamed for everything lately.
Guess I'm ET and not TT. :o)

18 Oct, 2008


Methinks Alba Tross is really Albert Ross?

18 Oct, 2008


Who's he, Andrew? Never heard of him. Errrr... is he Jonathan' s brother?

Gee - I am so glad that the albatrosses arrived after we moved! We have a horse chestnut tree here - but no albatrosses have found us...yet!

18 Oct, 2008


I have Mr Ali Gator in my garden.
You can borrow him if you like - he may be able to help.
( photo to follow later )

19 Oct, 2008


Yes please Hywel - as you can see the invasion proper has started (lastest photo). Nowhere is safe - not even Ireland (you have been warned Irish).

19 Oct, 2008


Ali has now been dispatched and on his way to help you.

19 Oct, 2008

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