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Tuesday 23 Sept – 6.35pm

I wondered if anyone has a wormery and whether it is worthwhile. I did have a plastic composter but having had rats in residence for a long period before the council managed to eradicate them, I got rid of it. The rats were nesting in my leaf mould and moving the rotting veggie from the composter into the leaf mould! As my garden is not very big I just didn’t like the idea of it. The rats are still about but now they just pass through on their way to the duck pond! I have been reading up on wormries – some seem very expensive. I have been composting into a dusbin but not very successfully. Very sludgy and wet although I have noticed a lot of worms in it. Perhaps it would work better if I drilled holes in the dustbin to let in air but no rodents?

Wet day today so no gardening although my daughter and son-in-law have taken several bags of garden rubbish to the council tip for me. They turn it into compost which they sell.

Off to bowls shortly, another one of my pastimes – good exercise and good company.

Just realised I put the wrong date on the top of this originally- I bowl Tuesdays and Fridays and didn’t know which day of the week it was!!

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My friend has a wormary, she keeps it in her kitchen, It doesn't smell, you have to keep it moist and out of the sun, and don't forget to feed the worms.


23 Sep, 2008


My kitchen isn't big enough to copy your friend. It will have to be the garden and then I believe there can be problems with frosts, heat, etc. I will really have to think about this before I commit myself.

23 Sep, 2008

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