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Field mice love crocus!


I got lots of packets of bulbs from Focus for 10p and an extra 15% off (they should have been £2.99!) I hadn’t got round to planting the crocus and went into the polytunnel where I had stored them. There was quite a lot of bulb debris on the ground – the mice had got into some of them. They had also planted some in the soft compost in various pots – presumably for a late winter feast. I moved a tray of plants and underneath was the nest. A very groggy field mouse stumbled out and slowly moved across the floor to find a place to hide. I don’t know what its chances are of survival at this late stage. His tummy was very rounded from all those crocus bulbs!

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Are you sure it was a male fieldmouse? Maybe a little family is due?

1 Jan, 2009


Obviously, he planned poorly for his little winter rest....even if he did have a full tummy...

1 Jan, 2009


I don't think it was pregnant - that would be really poor planning with so many months of cold ahead of us. This looks as though it is going to be a severe winter - the coldest start to winter for 30 years in the Midlands and the forecast for the next two nights is -4C. It hasn't gone above freezing in the day for several days.

1 Jan, 2009


Poor mouse. I hope he'll be allright. :o)

1 Jan, 2009


Poor wee soul, and poor you, too! Such a marvellous bargain. Do you have many left? Could they be brought on in pots, yet, in the polytunnel? hope you have a fantastic year ahead, and will continue to keep us enthralled with your pics and news.

1 Jan, 2009


The crocus bulbs must have been a gourmet feast for the mouse. We can picture this little fellow stumbling around the garden with its tummy bulging like a little balloon!
We had to dispatch a big brown rat that took up residence in the garden just before Christmas. It was trying to find winter food as well and we were worried about all the spring bulbs that we had planted. Luckily it has disappeared.- no doubt sent on its way by the rat bait we used.Rodents can cause a lot of damage.

Its been minus 3 here in Bristol for the last week so all these little creatures are looking for warm nesting places. We guess that they are a little confused as its been so warm and wet and then the cold spell suddenly hit.A fortnight ago we saw a frog in the garden as well.Hopefully it has found a warm spot.

With all best wishes for a great open season in 2009.
Happy new year from Grenville and Alan.

2 Jan, 2009


Happy New Year to you too, Grenville and Alan, and to everyone else we haven't got around to.

This is Friday lunchtime, and I am still on holiday from work so I have spent the morning in the garden - it's positively balmy - I've had to strip off several layers of clothes! The forecast for tonight, however, is -4C and for tomorrow night as well. I have been planting in a border that is protected from the elements - but most of the rest of the garden is too frozen to dig into. I don't know how my new shrubs will survive - their roots are frozen solid.

2 Jan, 2009

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