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New Address


Having just moved to a new address, I will first build myself a new bush house to house what plants that I have brought with me.
These plants are suffering in our Sub-Tropical climate and need protection, my house wont be built for quite some months, and this will give me the oppertunity to attend to the more important things such as my plants.

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where have to moved to?

22 Mar, 2008


This says it all. We're all,the world over, protecting our plants from weather/climate they're not used to (?). Also, March - October here is "outdoors" for me, the house and interior fits in around (I may give in, now and again).

22 Mar, 2008


What's a bush house, please? (Good luck with your plants)

23 Mar, 2008


A bush house is a structure for protecting our plants from the summer heat and depending upon how it is built ie. Materials used etc. it also can serve to protect from frost. Orignally the description came from the fact that it was built entirely from bush trees cut to suit the application, before the advent of shade cloth we used predominantly Tee Tree for the posts, bearers and the fine leaves for the actual roof and sides, this was usually (with the help of fencing wire) constructed at the end of Spring and the thickness of the branches of tea tree leaves determined the amount of protection given at the sides, and also the density of shade on the , depending on the plants being grown and their requirements.
Present modern materials ie. transluent sheeting, shade cloth,and other products make it much easier to build plant houses, but the name Bush House still persists.

24 Mar, 2008

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