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Dying Vegetables


I am pretty desperate to find out what on earth is happening in my veggie patch. About 2 years ago, my established summer raspberries suddenly died off. Now in 2 thirds of my patch, certain veggies turn yellow, look sickly and either die or produce virtually nothing. Potatoes, brassicas and cabbage don’t seem to be effected, however, beans, peas, pumpkin etc their leaves turn very yellow and don’t grow very much. Sweetcorn leaves turn yellow also but their stems turn black and then they die.

I am completely surround by fields which are farmed – no animals, just crops on a rotation basis. I get good cow manure for my patch, so it’s well ‘fed’. Hedges are fine and a third of the patch doesn’t seem to be effected yet it is only separated by a slabbed path??

Can anyone please help, as I have no idea what to do?

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Hmmm. Has the farmer been crop-spraying? It does sound as if something nasty has landed on your plot.

20 Jun, 2008


Sounds like theres something that has been carried in the air.Crop spraying also springs to mind. Might be worth checking to see if the farmer has been doing this....

21 Jun, 2008


Thank you for taking the time to reply to my blog. If it is the farmer crop spraying (I will certainly ask him), how can I rectify the problem?

Thanks again

22 Jun, 2008

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