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Dear GrowsOnYou bloggers,

Dirty Nails is not a professional gardener. He is simply an enthusiastic bloke the same as millions of others. He grow fruit and veg to feed himself and his family.

Blogging on this site has been a great way of communicating with like-minded folk. it is true that he has written two book on the subject and is embarking on a fledgling cottage industry with postcards, greetings cards and other useful bits and bobs. This blog has been a resource for someone with no professional backing or agent to advertise his wares.

Never was the intention to upset or offend anyone. Dirty Nails hides his identity precisely because the focus is on gardening and wildlife, not the person doing it. However, he notes from comments posted on the photo of a peacock butterfly on onions that not everyone is happy with his conduct, and it is for that reason that he has reluctantly decided to blog-off.

No one person should wield the power to silence or squash another, and this is not the case. Dirty Nails has a website, , precisely because with that he is liberated to write, say, do, be who and what he likes. So, if you have enjoyed any of his postings and entries that is the place to look in future.

Life is too short for conflict and if even one person is offended by his actions Dirty Nails would like to offer his sincerest apologies. He hopes that this final blog will satisfy those who have taken umbrance yet still assist those who want to know more.

Good luck in the garden – and in life.

Best wishes, Dirty Nails

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Please don't take offence at the comments of just one person. You get all sorts of people in the world. I've learned to ignore the ones that offend me and make the most of the others.
I like your photos and blogs.
I'm not a person who fiddles about with the computer and I only look at GOY so if you go I won't be able to read your blogs anymore.

19 Nov, 2008


PS I've put some photos of my drawings on GOY and I intend to sell them so if anyone is offended by that well don't bother saying anything because I shall just ignore you.
They're only on GOY to show my friends who are interested in what I do.

19 Nov, 2008


Just to set the record straight and you quite right Hywel no should not leave site based on my opinion.

Goy is a gardening community and if we all posted blogs advertising things but failed to communicate with one another - how would this site end up ?

My objection was primarily that Dirtynails does not take part in the community - think theres a big difference between drawing for pleasure and selling published works.

We submit photos on here and if anyone wanted to print off there own version many would e mail a copy to another goy member rather than attempt to sell them .

As I ve already stated I could have hidden my views under the flagging system .I may well be the only person who feels like this Dirtynails at least I raised my concerns openly .

This has given you the right to reply and was not intended to ' remove ' you .Others may well enjoy your blogs as I have just object to the selling tag at the end of each.

19 Nov, 2008


I didn't know it was you who objected BB.
There are lots of people who don't put any comments on my photos and blogs but I just ignore them. It's up to them. I don't care. I will still show my photos.
We can all share our experiences etc whether we put comments or not.
I ignore the selling tags.

19 Nov, 2008


Well I have Hywel as well until the butterfly photo.That I m afraid irritated me as felt Dirtynails only making contributions to sell items.

Clearly he feels got wrong end of stick but with no other attempt to comment and always talking in the third person - felt like being sold to rather than a genuine interest in others within this community.

If nothing else Hywel it may open a debate as to what is and what is not appropriate to advertise / sell so that we can all be a little clearer in future.You were asked if you would consider selling - think there is a difference as your contributions not based with this in mind.

I am self employed and would fully understand objections being raised if I advertised my business at the end of each blog .If I am out of order then everyone has a right to comment and certainly made no attempt to gag you Dirtynails.

19 Nov, 2008


Sorry, Dirtynails, you won't like this, but I absolutely agree with BB on this issue. I feel very strongly that GOY is a site where we SHARE our gardening experiences and have a laugh and chat together. We try to help each other as well, by answering questions when we can.

It's not just a question of posting gardening advice and hoping to sell your books. Why don't you stay with us and try to take a more active part in chatting to other members and showing us your garden?

I haven't flagged your weekly contributions, but it has, I admit, irritated me to see an advertisement at the end of each blog!

Hywel - you do all of those things and join in discussions too. You don't need to feel guilty about other members wanting your lovely drawings.

19 Nov, 2008


Thank you Spritzhenry.
I only showed a few because people asked if I would.
I may show another one or two sometime because I've been asked.
I do them because I enjoy it. They're not for sale.

19 Nov, 2008


Hi Dirtynails iv viewed yor Email Site&i thinks it great ,But 2 be Honest its a shame u dont leave it there & share your Photos,Chat,Knowledege & Personality along with other members as youd then find out that GOY is a Great Site 2be part of :) GOY isnt Ebay /Amozon Or Lycos its better than that u can make Friends who share all your Ideas & give &take Help when needed :) Please dont Go just give it a chance & see how it works out :) No body is having a go@U & im sure itl all turn out4the best :)

19 Nov, 2008


Hi folks,
I agree with and support all of the above comments. This is a gardening site and we are a very friendly, polite and courteous group. We also have the right to politely 'challenge' anything that we feel is not in the spirit of the site or is offensive or discourteous.
We all share ideas, learn from each other,chat and have fun on here as Jacque so rightly mentions.

Advertising on this site for ones personal and financial gain is another issue.

Can I suggest that its probably best to check with the site owners before posting up any Blogs that are offering any personal goods or services for sale, and this is also a courtesy to the owners, and also a way of checking that this is acceptable on the site. With all best wishes.

19 Nov, 2008


Well said Grenville I am sure you speak for the majority of GOY members here, I belong to a number of gardening internet sites and this is by far the friendliest.....and the most hilarious!!!

19 Nov, 2008


Got to say Dirty Nails, i do agree with BB and Spritz on this one, i have an ebay shop in which i sell plants and seeds, this would be an ideal web sit for me to advertise, but as the others have said that is not what this web site is all about, maybe you should try ebay! I do not avertise pictures of what i am selling on this site, i often mention in blogs that i sell on ebay, and i often offer surplus stock for swap, or free gifts to my GOY friends, if anyone wants to know more about what i am selling i am sure they will ask. and i am also involved in every aspect of this site, actively involved in conversations, blogs questons ect. but it is quite clear that you have only logged on to advertise, as you have only included one picture and one blog, both of which are advertising what you are selling, and now that a few people have told you so, you want to log off, all offended! sorry dirty nails - just not on! you are missing the point of this web site, no one minds you mentioning what you are selling if you involve yourself in the other aspects to this site, but there is only one reason you logged on here, advertising, otherwise you would'nt be logging off so quickly and this is a really great site so you will be the one missing out.

20 Nov, 2008


Great Right Up Ang XXX

20 Nov, 2008


Hey folks, not so!!

I'm not offended, just taking responsibility for my errors of judgement. I can see this is a great site but as you helpfully pointed out it aint the one for me.

I'm not logging off in a hurry or huff, just realising that you folk are right and I am wrong. Can't say fairer than that, can I?

Best wishes, Dirty Nails

20 Nov, 2008

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