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Busy Day In The Garden – Weather Is Perfect – Not To Hot 21c No Rain For A Few Days.

Front Garden Borders Now Edged, Grass Cut, Hopefully Won’t Be To Long Before Nice And Green.

Back Garden Weeded, Compost Bin Emptied, Pond Pump Repaired/Cleaned.

Today My First Free Plants Arrived, I Have Added Theese To My Plants With Pictures, Let’s Hope Mine Look That Nice.

I Have Been Working With A Gardener For The Last Few Weeks, Together We Have Put Together The Plants & Colours Required For The Garden To Look Beautiful.
I Never Thought For A Minute That I Would Like Gardening, But I Think I Do..

My Parents Are Coming Down To Visit In Mid Sept, So I Hope The Garden Will Look Nice For Them, Although next Year Will See A Big Difference..

Im Also Going To Attempt To Sow My First Seeds This Week, Fingers Crossed….

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Aren't you lucky to have good weather, Delbert! In the SW we only had one day of sunshine. Today is windy and drizzling. No gardening today for me unless it stops! I took Henry out and had to change out of soggy clothes. It sounds as if you've got a lot done. Did the gardener you had do the hard bits or was he/she advising you? Good luck with the seeds - what are you planting?

16 Aug, 2008


Well done its not raining here yet but it wont belong before it does, but like Spritzhenry it is very windy up hereaswell.

16 Aug, 2008


Good luck with the garden Steve, sounds to be a great challenge. Sure you'll enjoy it and your parents too.

16 Aug, 2008


I had a look at your plant pictures - what a great selection! I hope they all thrive.

16 Aug, 2008


Me too Delbert, I have been having a great time in the garden for the last few days, no rain. Today I went to do a friend's garden. Now I am too tired to do my own. But I love doing the garden, be it my own or someone else's, as long as it is a garden.

16 Aug, 2008


Thanks for all the nice comments, all the new plants which i added yesterday wiill be from seed, i will attempt to grow them myself, the gardener is on holiday for 3 weeks now, so i may need some advice along the line.

17 Aug, 2008


Marguerite. ? Im A Novice I Do Exactly What It Says On The Pack..

17 Aug, 2008


Delbert - gardening is something that grows on you.

17 Aug, 2008

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