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My Garden - Stage 1





As You Can See From The Photos " Im No Alan Titchmarsh"
But Hey Got To Start Somewhere..

The Back Garden Plans
Remove Lower Patio Area & Retaining Wall, Support My Mothers Tree (On The Left) Otherwise I’ll Be Buried Under The Patio..

The Ivy Has Gone Mad, Will Be Removed From Garage Roof And Side Of The House.

I Have Also Had A Lot Of Help & Ideas From My Gardener

Have Planted First Bulbs Freesia & Dutch Iris

That’s About All For Now, And Ideas Welcome

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Thats a nice looking garden, I love the Terrace's. Once you clear out all the old plants weeds etc youll'e be amazed at the space you have, There's lots of garden ideas in GOY, have a browse at the pics..Then decide what you want from your garden, there's lots to consider, how much sun/shade What soil you have, and What sort of plants u like, a mixture of evergreens, Perrenials, and a good start with the bulbs Delbert..You have loads of planning to do, The best advice I can give is, Take Your Time, Because Gardening is an expensive (in my case obsession) ...Dee..

2 Aug, 2008


Thanks For The Info Dee, Your Right It Is expensive, And I've Only Just Begun(Sounds Like A Song ?),

I Will Take A Look At GOY And Get Some Ideas...

2 Aug, 2008


You have a lovely tiered structure to your garden and it will look tremendous. Think about some plants that will cascade over the terraces to soften them.You could choose a classical design or a contemporary one...... the possiblities are endless with your terrace. You could take the steps up through the middle in a staggered shape so that you have borders each side, and it will probably make the terraces easier to maintain.The bottom terrace could be converted into a small pond so that you have water near your seating area with a pathway surrounding the water. Take your time..... and get some big sheets of paper and sketch out different designs, then you can choose your favourite.Hope this helps.
Best wishes,

2 Aug, 2008

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