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Beginning the winter planting.

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I took some lovely cyclamen, violas and ericas to one of my clients today. I had to remove a Penstemon “Garnet” that I planted for her 3 years ago – it was HUGE. Although very beautiful when in full flower, you had to admit it had turned into a thug and was shading out loads of other plants. So, out came the penstemon (lots of self-rooted bits left to start afresh) and in went the winter bedding. I felt a bit sad at first, but when I could smell those cyclamen and see the cheerful little faces of purple violas, it was definately an improvement.

Of course, the heavens opened and it poured down for about 10 mins, resulting in very soggy knees – but not enough to water in the plants…

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Clairefifi, I love cyclamen, especially the small ones, I have a few dotted about the garden, under shrubs, they seem to survive the winters.


23 Sep, 2008

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