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Scottish Garden show in Glasgow?


By Britta


Hi everybody,
has anybody heard of the scottish garden show? Its end of August in Glasgow….As its still a 5 hour drive for us I was wondering if anyone has been before and whether its a good show for curious gardeners like Me?


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Welcome to GOY Britta. I don't have a clue about the scottish garden show as I am from Portland, Michigan USA! :) But, I wanted to welcome you to this fun, friendly and informative website. (Love your ID picture :)

14 Jul, 2008


Hi and thanks so much for your nice message! Isnt technology fantastic that makes it so easy to communicate across the distance?
Bet you have much nicer and warmer weather at the moment?

14 Jul, 2008


HI 1198 just had a look at your home page and the pictures are fantastic! It all looks so nice and tidy whilst we are still struggeling against the weeds and years of neglect (our house was empty for over 50 years and being in the middle of nowhere its unbelievable what accumulates).....5 years on and we are slowly getting there but still fighting the rabbits who must think i am dishing a new salad with every plant i put out :O))))
But as they say patience is a vertue and that must be especially true for gardening so we will get there eventually !

14 Jul, 2008


is it the show at ingliston near edinburgh i have been its a good show not many gardens on show about 5 but the rest is good.the name of the show is
gardening scotland 2008 if go on the net youll get all the info.

16 Jul, 2008


Hi Monpairen, thanks for your answer - I will google it and find out. I am absolutely mad about plants and gardening and on top of that we have just bought a Bongo which is like a campervan so we are keen to find gardens and events to go and see so if you know any that are worth going to please let me know?

16 Jul, 2008


You are right about the weather is warmer, however, I complain about the humidity (incessantly!). This week's a corker, 90's and of-course humid. We can't have 90's and not be humid here in Michigan. My idea of perfection is mid to high 70's, no humidity, however, the powers that be (mother nature in particular) pay me no mind ! Imagine that.....:) lol

17 Jul, 2008


Oh yes, we have a very fresh air here and its a fantastic to be able to work outside without running off in a sweat! I remember my time in NJ where you didnt want to do anything outside as it was just too humid to move so I would imagine gardening in that heat must be a nightmare!

But then for us its a jumper even in the a medium would be quite nice..but then you cant win it all and looking around I am happy where we are - its a beautiful spot on earth and I love being out in the middle of nowhere! (even if the rabbits eat all my plants :O))

21 Jul, 2008


Hi Britta....thank YOU for the nice comments about the pics. I'll tell you, right now my garden looks a fright....we've been having issues with my husband's 91 years old mother (in a home and had to move up to assisted care from indenpendent living...not a happy camper I might add). So....we've been gone for about 4 days!!! Needless to say the WEEDS have taken over after 4 days of hot, humid weather and some rain. Lord a'mighty we've got 4 couples coming to town for dinner tonight and they can't wait to see the yard/garden....YIKES! It's a MESS!! What's a gardener to do? Not enough time (after I get out of work) before they show up to do much tidying up...and on and on....Sorry, needed to have a little melt down :)

21 Jul, 2008


Oh no.....sorry to hear about your husbands mum, hope she is ok and hopefully setteling in soon. It must be tough but seeing my grandmother (93 and refusing to go anywhere) being stuck in her house because she cant manage the stairs and being alone all day, I think I would prefer to be somewhere with people around - someone to chat to (mainly about the good old times and gardening!)

It makes me chuckle how we all try to grow our plants and at times the only think that actually puts growth on is the weeds - they simply love our ground especially since we worked our horse manure in....haven for weeds!!!

If you dont do anything for a few days you feel like a jungle of weeds - call me strange but I actually quite enjoy weeding, looks so tidy afterwards :O)))) If you were not so far away Id offer my hands and help you get the garden ready :O)))

23 Jul, 2008

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