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By Arlene


~just been to Wyevale and they were selling yellow Clivias at £4~they were in full flower but what a bargain!
Also three sacks of J Arthur Bowers Premium Moisture Control Compost (in the black coloured sacks) for £10~this is quite good stuff!
see below for details
Premium Moisture Control Compost

Reduced peat compost with added water storing crystals, controlled release plant food and perlite to help prevent compost drying out. Packed in an easy to carry bag.

  • Size: 35L
  • Recommended Uses: Hanging baskets, containers, tubs and window boxes.
  • Feeding Recommendations: After 3 months feed every 7-10 days with J Arthur Bower’s Tub & Basket liquid plant food.
  • Advice: Not suitable for lime-hating (ericaceous) plants.

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what a gorgeous colour. I have the orangey flowers ones.
good price on the compost too. a good day shopping.

7 Apr, 2009


Thanks Seaburngirl
~this was taken at Wisley not Wyevale but the ones for sale were this colour and were originally £14.99~make sure they charge you the right price at the till!

7 Apr, 2009


They look very exotic, are they difficult.

7 Apr, 2009


~not really difficult but they don't stay in flower for that long~if you can put up with the nice leaves when not flowering you will be fine!They are from South Africa.
RHS advice below

Clivia miniata - Clivia do best in bright filtered light in a conservatory or on a windowsill. Avoid direct sun in summer which may scorch the leaves. Place pots away from radiators.

Pot up in a well-drained, loam-based John Innes No 2 compost mixed with multi-purpose compost (25% by volume) and grit. Do not plant too deeply.

For flowers to form, clivias need a cool period of 10oC (50F), from November to February. After this, water lightly applying a balanced liquid fertiliser weekly until the flower buds form, then move to a well lit position with a temperature of 16oC (60F).

After flowering remove the flowers, unless seed is required, and reduce watering. Over winter water sparingly but do not allow pots to dry out.

Re-pot in early spring into a slightly larger container. Clivias flower best when well established in pots at least 20cm (8in) in diameter. Leave to grow on for several years undisturbed, top dressing annually with fresh potting mix.

Division: Divide after flowering into containers that just accommodate the roots. Water and keep at a temperature of about 16oC (60F). Offsets can also be detached and potted up.

Seed: Harvest seed from the berries when they turn red and sow immediately. Sow singly in 7.5cm (3in) pots, using a loam-based compost (John Innes No 1) just covering the seed. Germination takes between six to eight weeks at a temperature of 21oC (70F). Grow on at 16oC (60F) once the first leaves appear.

Non-flowering is usually due to over-potting or high temperatures over the winter.

Plants will flower on short stalks if they have an insufficient cool period over the winter.

7 Apr, 2009


Good bargains, Arlene. Well done :o)

7 Apr, 2009


I hope to get to our local Wyevale sometime over Easter - will look out for the £10 triple packs of compost.

7 Apr, 2009


Great bargain Arlene. A good find. :o)

8 Apr, 2009


Nice bargain. Lovely bright colour too.

8 Apr, 2009


I just happen to be going to a Wye vVale today.

8 Apr, 2009


I seem to recognise those Clivias - there were bright orange ones too! They looked wonderful. I hope you enjoy yours!

8 Apr, 2009


Hi, in my part of Yorkshire, Compost at 3 bags for £10.00 is common place. We find you have to check on how many litres of contents, as that can vary.

Our best bargain was 5 bags of Organic Compost for a £10.00, this was for a 60 litre bag. It was non-branded coming from a local company Yorkshire Horticultural Supplies. It has been good to handle. used it all up, will need to get some more.

9 Apr, 2009


Arlene thanks for the info, much appreciated.

9 Apr, 2009


Hi Marge
this particular compost is usually either £5.99 or £6.99 per bag so £10 for 3 is good!

9 Apr, 2009

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