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On a cheerier note


Well, I am super pleased with this!! I have managed to grow these lovely plants from seed, they are tomatoes and courgettes. Everyone who has followed my GOY career will know my sucess rate with growing plants from seed has been pretty non existant. So I am well pleased at the moment, a great positive compared to the negatives of last week (see my other blog “Wasted Weekend:(”)
I know the plants are a little far advanced for the time of year due to my over enthusiasm, boredom and inpatience, but I am hoping to pot them on soon and keep them protected under glass. They are vine ‘Tumbling Tom’ varieties so I assume they don’t need pinching out or tying up so the ideal container plant for Summer, nice flowers, foliage and fruit, yum.

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Well done, your plants look really healthy. I have also successfully managed to germinate some tomatoe seeds, I am growing `gardeners delight` same as last year. They were really tasty and somehow seemed to avoid the dreaded blight that attacked lots of other tomato plants!

25 Mar, 2008


Great work, Andrearichter, am glad that something good is going for you at the mo.

25 Mar, 2008


Congratulations Andrearichter You've sweated for these so I hope they are the tastiest veg ever

26 Mar, 2008


They look great but they are too mature for the time of year. I can't plant them out in their final planters because the temperatures are still too cold and I need to pot them on soon. I thought of planting them in bigger pots taking them outside when it's sunny and bringing them indoors until they can be left outside, the only trouble is I haven't got any room left in the house!!

26 Mar, 2008

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