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Sowed my annual seeds


Well it was dry this afternoon and the wind had dropped to a gentle lull. I grabbed my seed packets and headed out to my ‘hot’ border and set to work. I don’t usually plant annuals, I am a complete no fuss perennial bird, but as we are moving I have a few gaps to fill where I have pillaged my garden. I created drills in a diagonal cross fashion and planted dark red nasturtium and across that some poached egg plant.
I didn’t water them in as the soil was damp from the small amount of rain my part of the country has had, but just after I’d popped them in the heavens opened and watered them in for me! Lucky break I suppose the garden was as dry as a bone and I was considering watering over the weekend and the water butt isn’t as full as it should be. I think it will be fine now.
I will definitely have to do some thinning at some point as the foliage on the nasturtiums can take over a bit, but the hot coloured ground cover will look great with my grasses and perennials growing up through it.

I have a very dark dry place in the garden also and I have popped a few nasturtiums in there too, you can but try!

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good for you Andrea! i have also been out sowing seeds this morning, some cornflower and night scented stocks, like you i do prefer perennials, but annuals can be really useful for temporary filling of gaps between shrubs and perennials while you are waiting for them to grow to there proper size! i don't know about you but i hate looking at bare soil in the summer i have to fill every gap possible with colour - this also helps keep weeds at bay, and a common mistake for me in the past has been over planting areas and then having to move everything, so i have been really careful to think about the eventual size of things, and like i said i'll just fill all the gaps with a few throw and grows, as i like to call um! lol

11 Mar, 2008


Sounds like you guys have just done what i have planned for Saturday. I've got plenty growing healthly in pots ready for planting but as you guy's have already done I want to get that extra bit of colour this year. I've got plenty of darkish places that I want some bright colour. Nasturtium's worked well last year so they are going to be sown in a few extra places.
I like the orange colour's as they are so up lifting.

11 Mar, 2008


Busy lizzies are good for dark corners too and go on and on until the frost finishes them off

11 Mar, 2008


Thanks Andrew, I thought Busy Lizzies were sun bathers!

12 Mar, 2008


just been out for the wind in the west midland is high of which as just blow over my plastic house of annuals so resowing the weekend weather permiting.i like gowing nasturtiums over fench and through my gosseberries, taste good in salads too.

12 Mar, 2008


Oh no, that's awful, did you manage to rescue any? I have a plastic mini greenhouse and I use the bottom shelf to pin it don with bricks and breeze blocks! It has managed to stay upright during our gusty winds this week. It might be worth throwing some seeds into the garden now, and leave the greenhouse sowing just for the pot/basket plants :)

12 Mar, 2008

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