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South African Perennial - UK Annual


Well, last year I posted a photo of Thunbergia gregorii, the African Orange clock vine

This was a plant I bought from Jungle Gardens and was kept warm and was then planted out for the summer. In South Africa it is classed as a perennial, but in our climate it can only be grown as an annual. Bearing this in mind I collected loads of seed last Autumn and have stored them in cool dry conditions.
I then thought, ‘what if I could get this plant to survive our winter?’ I wrapped the pot in fleece and covered the top with a bell cloche.

When I took the protection off in May, there was absolutely no sign of life and I went out and bought a clematis to replace it in the pot, then last week I noticed that it had started to grow!! What luck, or it could have been the mild winter we had.

I hope it flowers this year, bring on some sun

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Interesting stuff. I've found that many "tender" plants will take a fair amount of cold and survive as long as they are kept dry- its being waterlogged that often kills them. Hope it flowers again!

16 Jun, 2008


Well done. Andrea! I bet you were delighted!

16 Jun, 2008


I think Popeymike is right about the waterlogging. I have several plants that are classed as tender but I'm able to bring them through the winter by keeping them just frost-free and on the dry side. Good luck with your Thunbergia next winter.

17 Jun, 2008


WOW i love it ! Would you consider selling some of those seeds ?

17 Jun, 2008


Well done! It really tempts me, as I have the same plant growing under glass. There, it restarts around early April and right now is in flower and about 6ft high. I also have a really deep, dark blue one too. Not quite as vigorous, but look out for T. battiscombei.........

Absolutely agree with Popeymike.

17 Jun, 2008

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