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Milton keynes Garden of the Year Competition


By Amie


I am planning to enter this by July, I have done so much work on my front garden, and my newley painted blue house really sets off the flowers and shrubs. With my white rabbit jumping around, it’s like a little paradise fairytale garden, it makes me feel so calm and content. Any suggestions to wow the judges? The prize is a weekend in a SPA which as a single Mum (like any mum)…I could do with a bit of pampering. lol.

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Have you got any pics?

3 Jun, 2008


Come on, let's have a look!

3 Jun, 2008


Hi hello nice to meet you, hope you enjoy being with us all,i was going to look at your pics, mind you i cannot put pics on myself, but i have just got a diggy camera so i can learn how to do it.

3 Jun, 2008


Still got the concrete cows in M K?How about a few little pigs to match them.

3 Jun, 2008


What are the judging criteria? The Best Front Garden competition here is not just a 'wow' factor - the judges also consider "the quality of the flower display, quality of permanent planting, use of space, contribution to the visual environment and environmental considerations"

3 Jun, 2008


Hi there, the competition ad doesn't go into criteria, this would be really helpful. I am going to take a picture this weekend to show you all. Thanks for having an interest.
I suppose this means that the Lupin that had part of it's head eaten off will have to come out as it would be bad quality. Isn't that judgemental though, not letting a plant be slightly disfigured. I don't know about you guys, but my plants are like my friends. hmmmm maybe I can get in touch with them and request a list of their criteria? amie

4 Jun, 2008


Which suburb in MK are you? I used to live in New Bradwell, near Wolverton.

5 Jun, 2008


Yes Amie judges tend to be judgemental - you sure about it as your comment suggests your not really into perfectionist gardening.Many of us arent - but we dont enter shows.

5 Jun, 2008


lol, yes, well I suppose I'm getting to know myself and my gardening interests as I'm a beginer, I'm thinking lately that my values may go against this competition. in some way it takes the magic out of it. At first I assumed the magic was what judges would also feel, but from their point of view they have to be cut throat....hmmm thanks for your comment, it really rings true for me.

8 Jun, 2008


I have entered some pictures now, sorry for the wait. Maybe in a a couple of weeks when I take the competition entry picture you can all help me choose which one to send. It won't be a choice of these already uploaded though, I want to wait a while to hopefuly get some more colour in there. The sunflowers shoul poke up soon and the sweet peas too. Any one know the time that digitals and fox gloves come up?

12 Jun, 2008

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