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water logged garden


hi my garden at the moment is water logged at the end of the garden as it slopes down and collects water, so i have a paddling pool durning the rainy days….At the moment my cylamin look lovely in the garden and the colours are lovely, pinks and whites. im hoping for my christmas rosses to start coming out in december and january. My garden is 80 feet long so it is hard for me to do it on my own , my partner just likes to look at it and admire it….men..!!!!!

I love to try and grow tropical plants and so far have suceeded in growing Bougalvaelia, Bird of Paridise,Olive tree, and banana tree.

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Hi Alison, my garden gets water logged on one side too. I 'm lucky though, we live near a stream and a few houses got flooded at the end of last year - they had sand bags out again this summer when the rain came. Your garden sounds lovely! Looking forward to photos ;o)

22 Nov, 2007


thankyou peter, i would love to send a pic.of ,my garden but im not to good at ssending pics. i have to get my man to help me, which he will do eventually, so i will send a pic of my plants as soon as i get him to down load some for me,
thanks for replying to me hope your garde n is better than mine at the moment....ha ha

22 Nov, 2007


Have you thought about making this work to your advantage Alison? Where you get the water collecting put in a pond and bog garden? Just a thought and like Peter look forward to seeing your pics

23 Nov, 2007


Please don't tar all men with the same brush - some of us are keen gardeners!!

23 Nov, 2007


yes Andrew you are right not all men are the same, but there are thoughs amongst you that would much prefer to sit in the sun with the sports pages, and eye up there better halfs 'bits' while she slaves away at all the hard manual labour in the garden (speaking from experience ofcourse!) - so for all of you guys out there that would'nt dream of doing this please accept my apologies in advance for what i am about to say! hi Alison - i also have a garden of a simular size to yours, a two year old daughter and a bad back - and our garden was a complete mess a year ago when we moved in - feel free to view my pictures to see how it looks now i would like to say that it is all my doing, but for the hard manual bits i have had to enlist 'his' help - and here are my handy tips for making that dream a reality!
1) there is ofcourse the obvious weekness that they all have - that since the begining of time women have used against them! i don't think i need say anymore on that one.
2) there is always the competaive part to there nature, to play on like 'John next door is so busy all the time in the garden - what a lovely bloke'
3) there is there love of sports - 'well if you were to dig that bed over for me then i would have some planting to do while you watch your football!'
4) or there is there pride to take advantage of for example when he is moaning that you have shrunk his best jeans/shirt in the wash - you could saggest that the reason it does not fit anymore is because of all the bear/cakes/crisps etc and lack of excersie! he will not like the idea of a diet at all! so saggest some gental excersie instead - like oh yes that pond you may need dug out if you decide to take Maple's advice! lol

28 Nov, 2007


sorry about the spelling mistakes - typical essex girl! lol

28 Nov, 2007

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