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Long time no blog!




A sure sign there is plenty to do other than sitting enjoying ‘blogland’!! Needless to say, I have been thinking of my GOY friends ;-) Hope you have all been well.
Hope to spend a little time each week updating my site with pics but if not I certainly am enjoying my garden a lot more knowing I have support from others and a new lease of life with my garden interest :-)
Happy blogging to all. Embrase the autumn as I am learning to do ;-)
?? Why the strike through???

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Nice to hear from you. Yes what happened that half your blog is crossed out?? Maybe Ajay or Peter know the answer.

22 Sep, 2008


I love the autumn and winter aswell.

22 Sep, 2008


Yes think we all been embracing autumn since it began six months ago! Dont know about the strike through perhaps one of our ex teachers has given you lines?

22 Sep, 2008

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