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Just got my T and M catalogue , decided to try and grow an Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) next year. Have had a little experience with this seed in 2008 (Pre-chill and soak) approx 8 wks chill. But at the time i was not able to continue the process fully although i germinated 7 seed,s. Not doing a lot of seed next year though as i found Plug quality plants much easier to handle. Gardening as you know tends to alter one,s thoughts in spring. More hanging baskets to put up (Enjoy Fuchsia trailers for them) and if my cuttings survive in the greenhouse it should all come together quite well. Hope my Rose cuttings survive the winter also. Bulb planting is going to keep me upto scratch tomorrow. Hope all is well in your gardens. Take care Tony

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Hello Tony! Lovely to see you! It's lovely to see the seed brochures coming in isn't it, it's sad that autumn is hurtling towards us, but there is the joy of spring to come! The plug plants are super to work with aren't they, no bother with heating or diseases eh! Not that you ever have diseases, Tony, your greenhouse is so clean and looked after! Hopefully a good wrapping up with bubble wrap will take care of the cuttings in the winter, and I hope you get good weather for bulb planting tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed your visit to your friends! Bye bye for now, I'll bubble to you later! Lol! ;0)

9 Sep, 2011



9 Sep, 2011


Did you enjoy your visit to your friends and did it turn into a prolonged stay. I have to say ,those pics. you put up were really lovely especially the little wall basket. My experience with rose cuttings ,especially if they are in a trench outside is that the winter shouldn't harm them.

10 Sep, 2011


hi Elizabeth hope all is well in your garden. Rose cuttings appear ok except for one. Little devil seems to be tired. Friends are ok in fact we helped to put their Greenhouse ( 12 by 8 ) up . I thought of plug plants Elizabeth as you said they are easier to plant on and Disease free. The only seed i want to try is Acer but i am not allowed to pre chill in the refrigerator so its the cold frame this time. Just feel like doing a more complicated germination plant. Prob start in late Nov or beg Dec this year. Will keep you in the picture Elizabeth . Hope the approaching storm does not cause damage to your home. Take care wrap up warm don,t worry about the high winds and keep meds close at hand. Will be in touch. Tony

11 Sep, 2011


Hi Steragram Term perfection has eluded me on so many occasions i now keep my fingers crossed and just wish(LoL). Take care Tony

11 Sep, 2011


Hi Rose Good heavens have you grown from rose cuttings then ?. Its my first time and my very good freind Elizabeth detailed the proceedure for me. Great lady Elizabeth she has so many nice plants . I do not have a great deal of plantable room really and my soil quality could be better. I plan a lot but i love open lawns. Glad you liked the photographs. Yes Rose we put a greenhouse up together and sorted the electrical system out for it. Hope the high winds do not effect it tomorrow. Take care enjoy Tony

11 Sep, 2011


Thanks Tony, off on hols soon.You'll have to have more chats with Elizabeth and Stickie , if she ever frees herself from my jam!

12 Sep, 2011


hi Rose Hope you enjoy your holidays Rose, please dont be long though as the fire brigade chap cannot free my shoes and feet from the jam you sent. Cheeky devil wants the recipe also. Take care enjoy Tony

12 Sep, 2011

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