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What a day. Rain rain rain ! ma ma mia! where is it all coming from?. Put my wellie bobs on and trotted over to put food in bird feeder. Realized on approaching that birds were better fed than i, so i about turned and got drenched. Fell into shed and sat down, just in time to see a tiny Blue tit eating breakfast. How exiting i thought the birds in my garden having a ball and i,m drenched. Shiver me timbers this is the last straw. So i poured a cup of tea into my (very large )flask top and opened my Honey roast sandwich pack. Ecky thump its a good job i had mustard handy. To the tones of Dusty springfeild on my portable i also had a feist. The birds were all over the place taking food to chicks and it was so nice to see the activety. But what i want to convey to you is that whatever they can do so can we I did,nt leave a crust(LoL). Take care enjoy evan rainey days.

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You've definately got the right idea, Tony - hope you had a good meal too.

27 May, 2011


Great Blog.
Ecky thump! I haven't heard that phrase for years!

27 May, 2011


We have haven't had any rain in Bournemouth been having to water every day and I am on a water meter:( Good blog:)

27 May, 2011


hi mariek yes it was a great sandwich but i envied the birds having such a large menu. Take care enjoy. Tony

27 May, 2011


Hi digginfit Don,t know how i remembered it really but it came to mind and i just let it out. Have a bad memory for sayings but now and again i experience a miracle (LoL). Happy gardening take care enjoy.

27 May, 2011


Hi Nana D Blooming heck that is remarkable. Its rained so much here even the duck,s have boats (LoL). Hope you get some rain soon though , it must be difficult being on a meter as you say. Hope despite little rain that your garden thrives and all goes well for you. Take care enjoy.

27 May, 2011


Ha...this sounds like a 60's blog Tony.....Dusty Springfield too....I like the idea of taking your "snap" down the garden to the shed, perfect idea.....:o)

28 May, 2011


thankyou Janey i also used to have copies of Johnny ray and Frankie lane amidst my treasures but my neice melted them down for some school project. Bloomiing good is,nt it ? (LoL) Take care Tony

28 May, 2011


No good me taking lunch anywhere if the birds are about, I`d give most of it away, do not share my cuppa though. Sacrilege melting Frankie Lane down Tony....

28 May, 2011


Lincslass my neice made a Flower bowl out of each record. I hid my Bing crosby album and Guy mitchel record after that (LoL). Take care enjoy Tony.

29 May, 2011


Hope you have hidden your Tom Jones records too Tony... you have to keep the practice up, or Terra won't let you sing in the greenhouse again! ;0)x!

31 May, 2011

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